197. Thor

Published December 25, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Thor Director: Kenneth Branagh Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 55

Background Info

Thus, our Avengers journey continues, this time with Thor - a film that we wouldn’t have looked at twice if it wasn’t for the revelations post-Iron Man 2. I’m surprised that this is directed by Kenneth Branagh, he’s so Shakespeare it seems like a very odd choice for a superhero style movie.

Live Blog

2:17 - Ooh, stormchasing of a sort. 4:14 - I think I would like to see a film about the Frost Giants. It looks very Day After Tomorrow. 6:35 - It’s all a bit dramatic for the start of a movie. 9:33 - Oh the trials and tribulations of being second in line to the throne. 11:32 - I can’t really tell what’s going on but it doesn’t look good. 12:34 - They couldn’t have made the brothers look more different, either. 15:41 - It’s Idris Elba! Yay! 17:49 - It’s like teleporting but different. 22:19 - It’s a boomerang hammer! 31:58 - She seems to be quite proud of the whole tasering business. She tasered Thor! 36:04 - They need to get some of the World’s Strongest Men in there. 43:36 - Hehe, I love her putting his smiling face on Facebook. 45:54 - I may be slightly in love with Agent Coulson. 51:38 - She may be one of the worst drivers ever. Two collisions with Thor and one near miss so far. 57:39 - Mudwrestling! 1:07:22 - A good heart to heart with a Norse God in a bar. As you do. 1:10:35 - You can’t really make a secret visit anywhere, can you? 1:13:54 - Awwww, that makes him a little bit nicer. 1:16:04 - “Do not mistake my appetite for apathy.” 1:21:42 - There’s a crossover! Love it. 1:29:54 - He made a bit of a mess what with all that fighting and hurricanes and stuff. 1:40:16 - It’s fair to say that Thor causes destruction wherever he goes. 1:42:11 - What’s the betting he does find a way back to her? 1:46:00 - Uh, maybe not yet though.


I liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to. It was very beautiful and well done - the characters seemed good and interacted well together, although I didn’t really find myself connecting with any of them. In fact, I felt most sorry for Loki and he was meant to be the bad guy. It was a good way to spend a couple of hours, and I’m glad that the Avengers business made us watch it, but I wasn’t completely sold on Thor in the same vein as other comic book heroes.

**Rating: **45

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