196. Iron Man 2

Published December 24, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Iron Man 2 Director: Jon Favreau Year: 2010 Run time: 2hrs 4

Background Info

Love the first one, of course, and always wary about a sequel - especially one that seems to shoehorn in Scarlett Johansson for no apparent reason. We’ve had this one on our to-watch list for a while, but as it clocks in at just over two hours, we’ve had to wait for the opportune moment, finding some free time.

Live Blog

1:07 - Hey, we saw that bit at the end of the last film. I do like some continuity. 6:06 - I’d love to have an Expo all about me, but I wouldn’t know what it would be about. 7:45 - It’s amazing how such an arrogant and quite hideous character can be such a good hero and quite captivating. 9:46 - Olivia Munn! That’s two movies we’ve seen her in now. 13:33 - He’s a weapons expert and his name is Hammer! 16:49 - “I have successfully privatised world peace.” 19:24 - That’s like Siri on steroids. 22:12 - “Don’t think, drink.” If ever there was a motto for life. 26:02 - Monaco! They sure do know how to tailor a film to me. 30:39 - Are these actual cars or have they made up a racing series? 33:10 - The fireball is all a bit Hollywood. Also, why is no one waving a red flag? 35:38 - Woooooow, it’s like Transformers but a human. 45:12 - If I let Mr C have his way, he’d always have his dessert first. 50:54 - If he’s hoping to employ the bad guy, he doesn’t have very much control over him. 53:04 - Ugh, I dislike the Natalie character. 54:02 - Drunk Iron Man! 59:57 - He’s just stolen one of his suits. 1:09:11 - What is this Shield about? 1:10:52 - The weapons expert sucks a lollipop? Rrrubbish. 1:15:43 - “I’m limited by the technology of my time.” 1:25:51 - Has he made his own personal hadron collider? Amazingness. 1:32:45 - Now Hammer has an Expo. Surely I can have one? 1:34:39 - Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines? What’s a Marine? We don’t have them. 1:42:16 - She has good fighting moves but I still don’t like her and we still don’t know who they really are. 1:46:11 - “It’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” 1:48:28 - Excellent fight sequence. 1:53:56 - Get a roof is genius. 1:56:34 - Hehehehe!


A great sequel, I reckon. Almost instantly we were reminded of how fabulous the Tony Stark character is and I remembered how much I wanted to just watch a film of him going about his day to day business. Having said that, I did think that there was more time to revel in the character in the first movie, whereas this second one had more of a story - or more characters, at least - to pack in.

I thought the plot for this was really well done. Many sequels will just be a different bad guy, or more of the same in different situations, but this had two whole sub-plots. The first was how the world reacts to someone owning up to being a super-hero, which doesn’t happen very often. How does that affect the real life human underneath? The second was the whole Avengers thing.

I don’t know an enormous amount about comics and when I read about it afterwards and found that these films were actually created to introduce the characters so that an Avengers film could be made, I felt a bit cheated. Then I felt excited and instantly downloaded Thor and Captain America. If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it properly!

**Rating: **45

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