192. Toy Story 2

Published December 15, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Toy Story 2 Director: John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Unkrich Year: 1999 Run time: 1hr 32

Background Info

The first Toy Story film was consumed by us just a matter of weeks ago and it was always the intention to rocket on through the sequels. However, we’ve been on a bit of a Pixar downer recently, what with Cars 2 and all that. Still, it was worth watching something we knew would be good, and the second Toy Story was it. I know I have seen this before but it wasn’t until we were about twenty minutes in that I could remember anything about it.

Live Blog

0:59 - Woah, the start made me jump. No one said this was going to be scary. 2:48 - So he was right, clearly not intelligent life. 3:22 - Buzz glows in the dark?? 8:03 - Is that the puppy from the end of the last one? 11:36 - It looks like a couple of stitches at most. Can’t believe he left him behind for that. 12:48 - Omg, Wheezy is the cutest thing ever. 17:17 - Woody is worth a lot of money, but worth stealing from a yard sale? 18:33 - If I had an Etch A Sketch that drew itself, I would be very happy. Never could get them to work properly. 22:31 - Is that Frasier? 24:20 - Woody’s Round Up is a rubbish name for a TV show. 25:26 - Okay, I needs me a Wheezy. 27:11 - Woody just tried to jump the Grand Canyon on a horse! 32:15 - I love the noise the slinky makes as it runs along. Subtle! 34:46 - Bullseye is pretty flipping cute as well. 37:32 - “Oh well, we tried.” 42:37 - For display only is no good. 43:32 - Mr C would like to be able to take his ears out when I am talking sometimes. 45:23 - Oh, I knew I hated Barbie. 46:44 - That actually happened! Not enough Buzz toys to meet demand. 51:58 - I blame the nail varnish. 59:10 - I wonder how much chaos Buzz caused on the way back across the road. 1:02:30 - Woody is having far too much fun for a captive. 1:05:15 - Never has the simple word “was” been so amusing. 1:11:36 - Loads of Star Wars stuff in this that I am not really getting. 1:12:19 - Every time they try and stretch that dog farther than he should go. Argh! 1:17:59 - That is not so much riding as sliding. 1:21:38 - Poor horsey must be tired. 1:25:42 - Why does Andy have Barbies? 1:28:24 - The end credit outtakes are funnier than the rest of the movie!


Marvellous sequel. Even better than the first one, in fact. I do think there’s a sneak preview of the whole “creating a lot of extra characters for big bucks” here. It certainly is nowhere near as cynical as later sequels, however. One of those new characters is Wheezy, and who can hate Wheezy? I wasn’t so keen on the cowgirl, but her horse was cute.

There are plenty of laugh out loud moments, and Mr C loves a good film reference - he got all the Star Wars stuff, me not so much. I liked the bit in the toy shop though, particularly when they poked fun at their own lack of Buzz toys.

**Rating: **55

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