182. Bad Teacher

Published November 5, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Bad Teacher Director: Jake Kasdan Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 32

Background Info

For someone who isn’t a Cameron Diaz fan, it’s bizarre to be watching the second film in a row with her in. Mr C was fanatical about this one, desperately waiting for it to appear after spotting the trailer a long time ago. I thought it looked okay, and I’m keen to see Justin Timberlake in more things to see how he develops.

Live Blog

0:55 - People don’t actually give apples to their teachers, surely? 5:33 - Oooops. I don’t remember birthdays either, though. 7:33 - It’s weird she’d do a job that requires such love when she clearly has none for it. You can’t really do a half-assed teaching job, can you? 11:58 - She swears a lot. Alarms are annoying, though. 14:39 - Aww, he’s cute. Missing Paul Rudd though. 19:11 - Calling someone lover isn’t going to persuade them particularly if they’re your ex. 19:52 - I love film references that even Mr C doesn’t get. 21:59 - Simon the dolphin. 25:39 - “Getting pretty chummy with the money.” 33:12 - Ooh, snow! 35:41 - JT has the moves. 38:10 - I love the concept of having a massive argument with the kids about sports. I see plenty of that day to day too. 39:40 - “I do have upper body strength, just not in my arms or chest.” 45:57 - I really love Lynn as well. 48:40 - Justin Timberlake is singing. 55:47 - Manipulation through the use of dolphins sounds… I don’t even know. 1:02:09 - Far too mean. 1:04:05 - Ooh, a musicals joke! I get those. 1:10:47 - Stealing an Annie wig makes you a criminal mastermind apparently. 1:11:28 - What is in Springfield then? Apart from the Simpsons. 1:15:39 - I think I need to invest in some really proper comfy pyjama bottoms. 1:17:29 - Abraham Lincoln is a bit bored of all the kid drama. 1:22:46 - She did bad things, why shouldn’t she get her comeuppance? 1:29:18 - Woah, those are some weird trousers she has on. 1:33:09 - She’s not going to become a good teacher now, too? 1:34:00 - Not a teacher, then.


Mr C and I differ so much on this film. He loved it and I pretty much hated it. There were some good moments in it. Some. I really quite liked the friend - although was disappointed in how mean Cameron D’s character was to her. I also adored the gym teacher, but didn’t think he should be attracted to a witch like her.

That was the real problem. She was a terrible character with no redeeming features at all. She didn’t deserve the luck that went her way, she manipulated everyone around her, and still managed to get a happy ending. I thought it was interesting that there was no major moment of revelation to her - she didn’t suddenly realise she was a bad person and resolve to be good. It sort of happened gradually, if it happened at all. That was different, and probably, therefore, good.

Rating: 1/5

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