180. Johnny English

Published October 30, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Johnny English Director: Peter Howitt Year: 2003 Run time: 1hr 28

Background Info

I think the whole Johnny English thing passed me by first time round, I really wasn’t that aware of it until the new trailers appeared for the sequel. I quite liked the look of the new one, so it made sense to catch up with the first. I thought it was going to be pretty silly, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

Live Blog

1:24 - A squeezy toy instead of a hunk of meat, that works. 4:36 - That whole opening sequence made me chuckle far too much. 4:52 - All their MI7 agents look the same. 5:25 - I like their premise for him being the only agent. 8:50 - Would the royal family take sponsorship to redo their crown jewels? Better than the taxpayer funding it, I suppose. 10:08 - Yay, Natalie! 11:00 - “A Bloody Mary, not too spicy.” That’s his martini. 14:04 - He has a pretty good French accent, that Malkovich chap. 18:11 - Mmmm, nice car. Although he said: “Never mind about the gadgets, just focus on the case.” What kind of spy film would that be? 23:11 - Oh no, the car! 25:22 - Wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious if you saw a hearse doing moves like that with a coffin in the back? 31:26 - I think there should be a Bean and Miller show, as well as Armstrong. 32:47 - 327 convictions between them! 35:36 - Bough is pretty good, it’s a wonder he wasn’t made an agent before. 38:04 - Why do people rub their chopsticks between their hands? 39:06 - That happened in Miranda! 40:15 - Presumably they have to tell us the plan because it’s not going to go well. 42:07 - There are two identical looking buildings. That can only go well. 45:43 - I like that he got over the shame very quickly. 50:58 - Does everyone wear smart suits under their spy gear? 55:15 - Aww, the spy always gets taken off the case. 59:40 - I’m embarrassed at how much I laughed at the jacket in door thing. 1:05:15 - There’s always time for a shower, even in the middle of a mission. 1:09:15 - Ooh, Chris Tarrant on London FM. Makes a change. 1:12:11 - Aww, I never saw Concorde do a flypast with the Red Arrows. 1:17:17 - That couldn’t have gone more wrong. 1:22:24 - High treason comes with the death penalty?


I really, really enjoyed it. I said at the top I thought it was going to be silly, and it was, but it wasn’t too crazy which can sometimes put me off. I was laughing almost from the very beginning - the opening credits where he gets lost. I liked that a lot of the “jokes” were unexpected, even if they had some pretty obvious build up. Rowan Atkinson was excellent, and it was fun seeing Natalie Imbruglia. I don’t think it’s worthy of a 5, but I liked it very much.

Rating: 4/5

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