Chalet Girl

Published October 7, 2011

Chalet Girl

Film info

  • Title Chalet Girl
  • Director Phil Traill
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 36m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline How to marry a billionaire

Kim (Felicity Jones) is a 19 year old ex-skateboarder, working in a burger bar for a living. When she stumbles into a chalet girl job, she’s completely out of her depth, both on the snow - she can’t even ski - and with the Madsen family, her uber-posh employers and their ultra-cool son Jonny (Ed Westwick). Desperate to fit in, Kim dusts off an old snowboard and takes to the slopes. Unleashing her talents, she enters the resort’s pro-boarding competition. As she and Jonny grow closer and the finals draw nearer, Kim could have the world at her feet - but can she overcome the obstacles and odds to triumph?

Background Info

Mr C was not feeling at all well, and I agreed to sit down and watch a couple of terrible movies with him. Having said that, the trailer for this one actually held three things that made me curious. 1) She used to be in the Archers and left to do this Hollywood business. 2) Bill Bailey! 3) A Red Bull snowboard race! So perhaps I wasn’t all that reluctant after all.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:00 - That’s actual T4 in a film! Mikita and everything!
2:49 - It would be cool to have Bill Bailey as your dad.
6:23 - Felicity Jones is super good at sulky face. Mooching around the streets.
7:14 - I’d have to do the frozen food thing for Mr C. Not sure about four months worth though!
8:46 - He’s still called Bill in the film! Couldn’t they think of another name for him?
10:47 - How can they tell they don’t like her just by looking? Is it because she’s not blonde?
18:54 - “Mmmm, I want to BE a profiterole.”
22:06 - I would so be the person chasing their snowboard down the hill.
25:35 - He’s from Finland!
27:24 - She is just me all over.
31:52 - “Trying to shake your hand, punched you in the stomach. Not cool.”
36:56 - Can you not snowboard when it snows?
40:30 - Flaming Sambuca = grown up birthday candles.
50:39 - That looks so much fun. It’s like the biggest bouncy castle ever.
54:19 - The Tesco people are not like that.
1:03:19 - She’s not quite me, she’s got a bit of an attitude.
1:08:15 - On the beginner slope!
1:11:38 - Argh, he faceplanted again.
1:12:30 - Is that Tara a real person?
1:12:49 - “Textbook awesomeness!”
1:18:36 - Now they will think there are two Yetis!
1:24:09 - It can only be Tara that doesn’t go, do they think we are stupid?
1:26:17 - Things I don’t need to see in my lifetime - Bill Bailey in the bathtub.
1:32:24 - Yay, credits stuff!


Actually it was better than I was expecting. It was pretty corny and occasionally clichéd, but Kim was deliciously sarcastic and the dialogue was great. Bill Bailey had only a tiny part but made quite an impact too. It was very British, what with all the T4 and Tesco involved, but that was okay. Overall, I can’t pick too many holes in it, because it was good for what it was, but equally, I don’t have that much to say about it either.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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