175. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Published October 2, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Director: Gore Verbinski Year: 2003 Run time: 2hrs 23

Background Info

I’ve seen this one before, and I know I liked it. I’m not sure whether I’ve seen the second one or not, I think perhaps I have. The others I have not yet seen but have heard mixed reports about. Nevertheless, this first movie remains excellent - good fun, a little stilted here and there, but a good story, and plenty to ponder as it goes along.

Live Blog

0:46 - If I remember correctly, she grew up to be in that sitcom with Caroline Quentin. Quite a step down, I’d say. 1:49 - Mmm, Jonathan Pryce. 3:11 - It’s fascinating how really quite horrible pirates are and yet we are usually sympathetic towards them. Bit like vampires, I suppose. 8:19 - “At least once more, Miss Swan, as always.” 8:50 - Keira and Orlando are really quite shocking in this. It’s a wonder they were invited back. 10:08 - Way to make an entrance. 13:51 - I love the concept of telling someone not to lie, as if that will make a difference. 17:21 - She said Commodore without flinching. I would be getting confused for weeks after someone got promoted. 20:03 - Captain Jack Sparrow has just the right balance of genius and ineptitude. 27:21 - Love that fight sequence. Utterly preposterous but brilliant. 30:56 - Ooh, I forgot Mackenzie Crook was in this. What is he doing these days? 37:16 - “So there is a curse. That’s interesting.” 51:03 - I love the idea of the ports being shining lights for weary sailors. I don’t suppose it is quite the same these days. 58:08 - I always thought a monkey would be a fun pet, but Friends and this make me think otherwise. 1:03:13 - Why is it bad luck to have a woman on board? That’s not fair. 1:11:26 - Wait for the opportune moment. 1:16:46 - How is it that Mr Gibbs is a pirate now? 1:21:08 - It is impossible not to love Sparrow though. 1:29:27 - Technically she forgot about him, so clearly doesn’t really love him. 1:36:30 - There is usually a sensible explanation, and it doesn’t involve back hair! 1:43:22 - Just realised there are two lots of comedy duos in thus. The pirates and the red coated soldiers. 1:46:47 - What’s the difference between a Captain and a Commodore? 1:47:52 - It must be so hard for him to call him Commodore. 1:52:59 - For me, his yellow eyes are the worst bit. 1:57:01 - The effects are very good, particularly running in and out of the moonlight. 2:08:52 - That parrot has a lot to answer for. 2:12:33 - Doesn’t he still owe her a boat then?


I had forgotten Keira and Orlando’s potential wooden acting in this, although I must say it got better as the film went on and they seemed to gain something of a rapport. Of course, it doesn’t matter much because the real hero is Captain Jack Sparrow. There are plenty of moments in the film that are preposterous - particularly the sword fight next to the donkey, but it doesn’t matter because it’s all feel good fun, and that’s what matters in a movie like this.

Rating: 5/5

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