174. Taken

Published September 26, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Taken Director: Pierre Morel Year: 2008 Run time: 1hr 33

Background Info

After we watched Unknown, this one was recommended to us as another Liam Neeson film to watch. We put it on the list and sort of skipped over it a few times, until Mr C discovered that Holly Valance was in it. That moved it up the list, and reminded by her appearance on Strictly, we decided to give it a watch.

Live Blog

2:02 - The pros use karaoke machines? 3:22 - She looks different with dark hair. 4:00 - They bought an actual horse to a birthday party. 5:40 - Did he used to be in ER? Something to do with Neela. 7:33 - “I don’t think you’d call her a singer, exactly, more like a cash cow.” 8:50 - Holly Valance, eh? 10:25 - Text messages are better at concerts, I guess. 16:37 - She’s far too excited about Paris. It’s not that great. 19:21 - I’ve only heard of one person travelling around and following a band on tour. All the kids do it? 26:32 - He’s amazingly calm. 28:57 - Liam Neeson has just the right voice for that kind of threat. 32:32 - Who says 96 hours? At that point, you’re counting in days. 38:19 - I wouldn’t be able to run too far if I’d been punched in the lungs. 45:53 - I wish I could be a translator. You can be so important. 49:12 - How does he do that? He knows everything! He’s almost as cool as Bourne! 52:48 - The man is fashioning an IV drip out of a coat hanger. 55:52 - Is it possible to be three steps ahead of everyone else all the flippin’ time? 1:02:17 - “I told you I would find you.” 1:07:29 - Part of me thinks films like this will just encourage girls to sleep with someone sooner! 1:10:05 - Okay, he is not to be messed with. He’s beyond Bourne, and not in a good way! 1:11:56 - Poor doorman, he never hurt nobody. 1:15:53 - Ooh, he is not immortal. Thank goodness. 1:18:33 - That’s at least eight bullets in one man. It really is personal! 1:24:09 - It’s amazing the number if ways you can kill someone with a gun. I think he has found every way. 1:28:17 - Like he wasn’t already the best dad in the world, he then took her to see Holly Valance.


It was fun and frivolous, I loved watching Liam Neeson kicking and punching his way through the bad guys - at some points to a shocking degree. I was left a bit nonplussed at the start, it was all very convenient. Oh, he just happens to be an ex-SAS or whatever, he just happens to be over-protective of his daughter, she just happens to go missing… what are the chances? But leave that aside, and it was a great ride. Not challenging, some good mindless fun, and blissfully short. I really quite liked it.

Rating: 4/5

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