170. Independence Day

Published September 13, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Independence Day Director: Roland Emmerich Year: 1996 Run time: 2hrs 25

Background Info

Mr C floored me by announcing he hadn’t seen this film. We had no idea what kind of movie we were in the mood for - both a bit exhausted from a long weekend’s work. I came up with a shortlist and we selected Independence Day, even though it’s a bit longer than we’d normally like. I’ve seen it a couple of times before, but actually can only recall three specific bits from it.

Live Blog

1:41 - There isn’t really a plaque on the moon, is there? 2:31 - Ooh, Contact place in New Mexico. 6:16 - The President can’t walk around in a dressing gown, it’s just not right. 7:50 - I love those chess games in the park. I should add that to my Life List. 11:38 - Flying whilst drunk does not seem like a good idea. 12:58 - Ooh, NORAD mention. They must be informing santa of the Defcon upgrade. 21:17 - Woohoo, Will Smith, finally! 25:30 - I love how oblivious he is. 29:11 - An alien invasion does tend to play havoc with your annual leave. 35:44 - NASA would be foolish to turn down Will Smith. And now there’s no space shuttle for him to fly.nj 40:14 - It must be weird to have a personal history with the president. 42:15 - The flashing lights thing doesn’t seem like much of a welcome, really. There’s no common language. 47:58 - So much destruction! Wow. 50:07 - They blew up the White House, so I’ll let them off the dodgy dog moment. 54:08 - Oop, it’s all going a bit Top Gun. 58:34 - How can you fight something that is completely shielded up? 1:04:48 - They’ve got NORAD? No more Santa? 1:07:55 - Is that the salt flats where they do the speed trials? I don’t fancy walking over that in the hot sun 1:12:53 - The machine suddenly woke up and they didn’t think to mention it? 1:19:52 - “I didn’t wanna say nothing, I voted for the other guy.” 1:25:54 - I love the concept of having a domestic right before the world ends. 1:31:57 - Stupid. How would he ever know where to find her? 1:35:37 - “Everyone loses faith at some point in their lives. But we have to remember what we still have.” 1:40:07 - I like that the music is very old school. Old war films and the like. 1:47:39 - “Aircraft from here will be joining others around the world…” Ooh, so the rest of the world does exist! 1:53:48 - Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum make a good partnership. 2:02:27 - The world is blowing up around them and they’re cramming into a lift? We’re not allowed in lifts if the fire alarm goes off! 2:12:46 - “Elvis has left the building.” …and blown it up.


Mmmm, Independence Day. Aliens, action, Will Smith, crazy over-the-top speeches, humour, world in peril, what’s not to like? Actually, the main story is silly, with plenty of bits that are unbelievable, but as a whole, it’s good stuff. The humour, the partnership between Smith and Goldblum, it makes up for the ridiculous bits. The three bits I remembered were The White House, the Independence Day speech and the guy in the plane saving the day. There’s quite a lot more to it than that, now that I was paying attention, and it was a lot better than I remember. Even though it was long, it was never really boring.

Rating: 4/5

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