168. The Blues Brothers

Published September 10, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: The Blues Brothers Director: John Landis Year: 1980 Run time: 2hrs 13

Background Info

I’ve not seen this one before, and whilst I’m aware of some of the Blues Brothers folklore - mostly the black suits and sunglasses, to be honest - I really don’t know much about it. The trailer didn’t particularly inspire me, but it’s been recommended to me so many times, I can only give it a shot.

Live Blog

1:01 - That looks pretty grim. How could anyone live there? 2:20 - Lots of footsteps, it’s like The Bill. 5:58 - They are really building up this character by waiting six minutes to show his face. Hope he’s worth it. 8:32 - You can buy old police cars? Cool! 13:02 - Who is this Penguin woman? 16:31 - That’s actual James Brown! 22:09 - The music in their car is always so loud, it’s hard to focus on what they’re saying. 24:59 - Ooh, it’s so Thelma and Louise. 26:23 - There’s a Toys R Us! 27:53 - That’s quite a lot of destruction. 31:34 - Princess Leia just shot at the Blues Brothers with a rocket launcher. What kind of crazy film is this? 35:07 - That must be the worst place to live, ever. 42:59 - Elwood is a great name. I like it. 44:19 - Saying we’re on a mission from god doesn’t seem to be convincing anyone. 47:54 - What the… 51:57 - Ahh, I should have said “Say whaaat?”



You’re all going to hate me, I know it. Before we started, I asked Mr C if he would be mad if I didn’t like it. He said: “I’ll be mad if you give it anything under a three.”

But then we were watching, and we watched for an hour, and I just wasn’t getting it. It was weird, it was slow paced, if there was humour there it was very sporadic, and good grief, if I heard: “We’re on a mission from god” or “We’re getting the band back together” one more time, I was going to explode.

I’m afraid to say it, but I was just totally bored. We switched off at the hour mark. I am ready to take the hate for this.

Rating: Unrated.

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