167. The Hangover

Published September 6, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: The Hangover Director: Todd Phillips Year: 2009 Run time: 1hr 47

Background Info

We’ve had this one as a sort of back up film to watch if we weren’t sure we were in the mood for anything else. When it first came out, I sort of assumed it was the kind of film I would hate. Drunken men running around being silly. But then Mr C and I started hearing and reading how it was one of the best films ever, and so we had to give it a chance.

Live Blog

2:16 - “We lost Doug.” 3:10 - Moody opening credits. I was expecting something a bit poppier. 6:54 - He’s a fun dad. Scary father-in-law though. 7:37 - Sand seeps into tyres? 12:57 - I do quite like Bradley Cooper. 13:44 - It always surprises me how very in the middle of nowhere Las Vegas is. 15:23 - Working behind a checkout must mean plenty of fascinating overheard conversations. 21:22 - Listen to Bradley! She isn’t nice! 24:48 - A one man wolf pack is a genius concept. 28:03 - How do you get a chicken past the front desk? 29:22 - Or a tiger! 35:54 - I love this backwards Sherlock stuff. 37:07 - At some point, he’ll have to stop saying it’ll all be okay. 41:04 - “It’s at the corner of get a map and eff off.” I have to say that sometime. 43:59 - I didn’t think you could get drunk and married in Vegas anymore. 54:44 - If he can talk round cops, he can talk round anyone. 59:28 - The car was fine. 1:01:32 - “I fudged up.” 1:02:59 - Doug doesn’t have a very big part in this film, he’s just mentioned a lot. 1:03:47 - “You are literally too stupid to insult.” 1:11:46 - How do they know where Mike Tyson lives? 1:18:07 - Is it really Doug in there? 1:23:04 - Why would casinos play a game that is so easily cheated? 1:28:21 - We still don’t know how he lost his tooth. 1:32:33 - He is completely orange! 1:33:35 - The tooth mystery is solved. 1:36:31 - How can you possibly shave after being out in the desert sun for two days? 1:44:45 - Woohoo for fun credits!


I really enjoyed it, and was surprised at how much I laughed. Some of it was a bit coarse, but in the grand scheme of things it was more funny than it was anything else, and that’s a win. My crush on Bradley Cooper is fully formed now, so I may have to go back and watch the A Team again, just to see.

The only reasons I’m not really giving it a 5 out of 5 is that I was slightly perplexed by a couple of things. Firstly, how is it possible that Bradley could take such a beating throughout, on top of being so hungover and supposedly having damaged ribs, and still be upright by the end? Secondly and thirdly, I thought they relied a tiny bit too much on the dumb guy being dumb for laughs, and by the end there was a bit too much swearing for my delicate ears. Other than that, it was top notch.

Rating: 4/5

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