161. Music and Lyrics

Published August 23, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Music and Lyrics Director: Marc Lawrence Year: 2007 Run time: 1hr 36

Background Info

I never would have picked this out to watch really, despite the fact that I do tend to like Hugh Grant in films, and I’ve been loving Drew Barrymore’s work recently. Put the two together and it should be good. That’s the hope, anyways.

Live Blog

1:34 - 80s music is awesome. 3:59 - A happy has-been. I like that. 5:11 - Uncomfortable meetings like this should really have kept off lots of hideous TV programmes. I’m not sure this is entirely factual. 6:48 - I can’t say that plants make me particularly comfortable. 8:06 - Mr C and I always giggle at pro and con lists since watching Paul Rudd in How Do You Know. 10:47 - That’s Will Scheuster! 11:52 - “If it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s destiny… or not.” 12:47 - New old acts all the time. Jeez louise that’s an understatement. 16:51 - I’d be like him, storming out at the mush. But I do love her. 20:04 - I can so relate to her shock at hearing about an old band she used to love, but I wonder what it would be like to see someone performing after so many years. 22:26 - There’s a lot of hip thrusting and saxophone involved in 80s music. 25:37 - He googled her! 26:54 - He actually played that end bit of the song at least. Yay for pianos! 34:07 - It’s amazing how much they are opening up to each other, considering they are practically strangers. 37:07 - Morabund! 39:02 - She pours the coffee over two cups without stopping. It’s all kinds of wrong! 40:37 - Woah, he plays everything! 43:12 - So much of that recording process reminds me of Mr C and myself when we first started. 48:55 - I wonder what songwriting grime is like. 53:07 - I like a fight that ends “my face is in the butter.” 56:07 - Her sister will properly die if/when she ends up with him. 57:26 - “Should we do pros and cons?” 1:05:55 - The sister was excited and not mad. Who knew? 1:08:18 - How do people sleep on water beds? 1:14:09 - “I want to show you the roof. It’s upstairs.” 1:16:57 - It was all going a bit too well. 1:19:52 - I can’t believe he said that. 1:29:17 - They make awesome sisters, I must say. 1:35:39 - I bet really they were like, he’s really not getting the dance, we’re gonna have to go for the piano version instead.


Turns out, it was a lot better than I was expecting. Far more of a comedy than a romance. It took them a while to get together, and even though there was an inevitable falling out/making up bit, it really wasn’t dominating the second half of the film. I laughed out loud quite a lot, and I really enjoyed the kookiness of Drew’s character. Hugh played the same character as he has in a gazillion other films, but the partnership between the two was great fun.

Rating: 4/5

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