Published August 9, 2011


Film info

  • Title Super
  • Director James Gunn
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 36m
  • Genres Action, Comedy, Drama
  • Tagline Shut up, crime!

Lo-tech crime fighter 'The Crimson Bolt' takes to the streets to clean up the city in this dark comedy from director James Gunn. Mild-mannered Frank D'Arbo (Rainn Wilson) decides to enter the world of crime fighting superheroes when his wife, Sarah (Liv Tyler), leaves him for local drug dealer Jacques (Kevin Bacon). Believing his wife will come back to him if he can only defeat Jacques and the rest of the city's lowlife, Frank morphs into The Crimson Bolt, complete with handmade costume and trusty pipe-wrench. But just when Frank's entirely human exploits seem to be running out of steam, the unforeseen arrival of comic shop assistant Libby (Ellen Page), in the guise of sidekick 'Boltie', helps save the day.

Background Info

I had never heard of this one, until Mr C played the trailer and suggested we should watch it, and then I saw Lukeh’s review, saying it was not in the cinema for very long, which may be why I hadn’t heard of it. I’m also not aware of Rainn Wilson’s work, although I’m something of a fan of Ellen Page.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:11 - Is that Liv Tyler?
1:31 - Oooh, Tip-Ex to the rescue.
3:11 - I want an egg cooking gift.
5:45 - These are long credits. Was that the end of the film?
9:35 - That’s Sam from ER. I am far too excited to see her.
14:59 - Blimey. We’re veering from amusing to heartwrenching here.
21:45 - “All it takes to be a superhero, is the choice to fight evil.”
23:58 - I don’t suppose superheroes are allowed to litter.
27:37 - I don’t think you’re allowed to just whack people over the head with a wrench. Even if you are trying to be a superhero.
28:44 - “Shut up, crime!” is a great catchphrase though.
36:07 - If I tried to be a superhero, I’d get caught out in the lying too.
43:35 - Give me a sign is such a catch all because you can take anything as a sign, really.
46:21 - Hehehe, he picked him up on his double negative.
51:36 - How do you drive a car with a shot leg?
56:52 - She does look twelve.
1:02:55 - She’s completely mental!
1:05:09 - “That’s what happens between the panels.”
1:12:17 - He gave her claws like Wolverine just like she wanted.
1:16:50 - Oooh, that’s a turn up for the books. No sequel for her then!
1:19:19 - The “rage makes people invincible” thing is curious. Does that happen in real life?
1:23:42 - I love that he didn’t leave her behind.


I’m a bit torn on this one because when it was good, it was very, very good. Unfortunately the film was very up and down and there were some bits where I was wondering what on earth we had started watching. The beginning, in particular, is very drawn out, and quite heavy on the religion - even though faith doesn’t really seem to play much of a part in the story itself. The end is worth it, and although it is a little bit graphic in some of the bloody details, there’s still plenty of humanity behind what is going on.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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