Definitely, Maybe

Published July 20, 2011

Definitely, Maybe

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  • Title Definitely, Maybe
  • Directors
  • Year 2008
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Fast Facts

Title: Definitely, Maybe Director: Adam Brooks Year: 2008 Run time: 1hr 52

Background Info

The title of this film would ordinarily be enough to put me off, but it does have thingy from Home & Away in it, so why not? Ryan Reynolds was also in The Proposal, and we liked that one quite a lot. Never been too sure on Rachel Weisz though.

Live Blog

00:02:33 - It’s not really the perfect song if it almost gets you killed. I like the concept though. **00:04:53 - Reason three billion not to have kids. ** 00:08:24 - In the trailer it seemed like she didn’t know who her mum was at all. That would be a whole different film. 00:09:59 - Wanting to be President isn’t embarrassing, is it?** ** 00:11:32 - “Everyone knows the girlfriend at the beginning of the story gets dumped.”** ** 00:12:41 - Okay, his optimism is embarrassing even if the dream isn’t.** **00:14:37 - Isla Fisher will never be known as anything but Shannon from Home & Away.** ** 00:16:05 - I like her, although I hear the Australian coming through her American accent.** **00:23:38 - I can’t believe he is telling all these grown up details to his daughter.** ** 00:27:15 - His name is Hampton! Like the court. 00:27:37 - There’s some excellent 90s music in this film. 00:29:51 - I want to wear a pencil behind my ear more often.** ** 00:33:20 - Who knew it was possible to have smoking competitions? 00:37:01 - “Will you, erm, marry me?”** ** 00:42:19 - I like her reason for buying books. 00:44:35 - If it’s such a big day, why isn’t he at work? 00:47:06 - I hope the kid apologises for making him relive such bad memories. 00:51:00 - Wow. Adverts in cafes saying “internet coming soon.” What was that like?** ** 00:52:55 - He has such an easy way of conversation. I’m jealous. 00:58:25 - She didn’t finish her song. 01:01:16 - Everyone in this film has very weird relationships with each other, but I like it. 01:07:26 - He can’t have never realised she came back for him. Some men, honestly.** **01:09:28 - How many engagement rings is he going to go through? He’s so Ross!** **01:20:05 - I’d like to go to life rehab. 01:34:31 - I’m disappointed she’s the mother, but the book could still play a crucial part.** **


So much better than I was expecting. I thought it would be a dreary romcom, but actually it was intriguing. A great idea, although the interruptions from the child were sometimes a little jarring. Having said that, I do think some films would benefit from a pause in the middle where the plot is explained to a ten year old.

There was nothing really very cliche about the film, which was nice to see and hear. I was invested in the characters and had an opinion one way or the other on the ending. It was good.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: Unrated

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