148. Just Go With It

Published July 17, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Just Go With It Director: Dennis Dugan Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 53

Background Info

I’m not sure this would normally be my type of film, but after watching Grown Ups, and with the knowledge that The Wedding Singer is one of the best films ever, Adam Sandler has been going up and up in my estimation. And, of course, I love Rachel.

Live Blog

00:00:38 - That’s a weird Happy Madison ident. 00:03:15 - That is a massive nose.** ** 00:05:05 - His precious! 00:07:22 - What kind of surgery sends an eyebrow wonky?** ** 00:16:08 - A little kid pretending to be British is not annoying. At all.** ** 00:17:07 - Has anyone ever actually said mumsy?** **00:21:05 - In his defence, there is no other word to follow Dolph than Lungren.** ** 00:22:56 - “What are they made out of panda?” Nooo.** **00:30:40 - Can’t they just say the kids are hers from a previous relationship?** ** 00:31:09 - “That’s my thing, that’s my bumper sticker.” 00:33:51 - Negotiating with kids is hard. 00:40:54 - It’s like watching Mary Poppins - no one talks like that!** ** 00:48:52 - She is definitely going to punch someone soon. 00:51:10 - Sheep fight clubs!** ** 00:56:39 - Avatar mention! 01:03:46 - Love the chemistry between Adam and Jennifer. 01:05:34 - Standing with the dolphins would never sell as well, I think. 01:09:37 - Food in a swimming pool doesn’t seem like a good idea. Aren’t you supposed to avoid eating and swimming?** ** 01:11:59 - Ooh, it’s all starting to unravel now. 01:12:39 - Is Devlin wearing black because she’s meant to be the bad guy? 01:15:06 - Nowt wrong with liking 90s music. 01:20:03 - Saying what they love about each other. Can’t see where this is going.** **01:24:47 - Things I never thought I’d see. Heimlich manoeuvre on a sheep.** **01:33:23 - Oh, the lovey stuff. 01:38:13 - This film is full of mashups. There better be a soundtrack. 01:43:28 - How do people get flowers to stay in their hair? 01:49:01 - She met a tennis player! OMG!** **


Another really good film. Actually, just like Grown Ups, it had a pretty slow start - but once the lying began, they really hit their stride. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments, there were some bits where I wasn’t quite sure what they were talking about, but the relationship between Adam and Jennifer was so good, it didn’t matter.

Also, the music was excellent. Mashups ahoy.

Rating: 4/5

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