139. Paul

Published June 20, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Paul Director: Greg Mottola Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 44

Background Info

Mr C and I have seen a few trailers for Simon Pegg films, but we’ve never really been brave enough to dip into watching a full one because it’s a kind of humour that we find a bit hit or miss. However, Paul was heartily recommended to us by a family member, so we decided to give it a whirl.

Live Blog

00:01:32 - Who calls their dog Paul? 00:02:45 - Comic-con!** ** 00:06:52 - I have only heard of Roswell and Area 51 on their road trip plans. Must investigate further. 00:08:24 - Is that Sue Sylvester again? She’s in so many things! 00:11:28 - There’s an actual extraterrestrial highway? 00:11:57 - To investigate: the black mailbox.** ** 00:13:50 - They blinded each other. Hehe.** ** 00:20:15 - If I see an alien, my first reaction wouldn’t be to strangle it. 00:22:07 - “Like a cold, I caught it.”** **00:23:38 - Aliens like marmite. Well, Paul does anyway.** **00:27:01 - “I heard about England. No guns.” 00:28:43 - I like that the music sounds like The X Files. 00:29:27 - Oooh, I want to time travel.** ** 00:33:14 - “You should go.” And she went. Bless!** **** **00:34:57 - Some spaceship related problems. 00:41:27 - “He’s not evil, he’s just a bit rude.”** ****** 00:42:40 - He doesn’t want spoilers. 00:49:04 - Surely it would take her a while to get used to her new spacial awareness and stuff.** ** 00:58:58 - That’s an advert not to do drugs? 00:59:19 - We’re like bonafide BFFs. 01:01:06 - I love his cracking back. Mr C, not so much.** ** 01:04:49 - She’s definitely changed if Darwin is her fake name.** **01:10:36 - That’s so cool! I want to do a u-turn like that.** **01:13:57 - Did she leave the gas on? 01:17:59 - She did leave the gas on. Not much left of that farm. 01:22:08 - I like Paul, he doesn’t read the instruction manual. 01:33:40 - There must be some significance to the fact that he gave him all his knowledge. 01:25:30 - Mork. 01:28:04 - Paul will do his thing.** ** 01:32:25 -  Hmm, BTTF line. I don’t know how I feel about that. 01:36:57 -  Excellent credit stuff.


I definitely enjoyed this film. There were some big laugh moments throughout, although there were other less funny bits that felt a bit weird. Overall the balance leant towards brilliant, though.

The start felt slow, and not that it wasn’t good, but it took them twenty minutes to find the alien. A lot of the stuff that happened set up running jokes through the film, so it certainly paid off, but watching it for the first time, I didn’t know that. I just wanted the alien to turn up.

I don’t know why that BTTF line bugs me so much, maybe just because it should have been better. Teeth. Really? I don’t mind film references, so I shouldn’t be annoyed just because it’s my favourite film. Anyway, these are all niggles, it’s still a good score for Paul.

Rating: 4/5

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