Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Published June 11, 2011

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Film info

  • Title Kill Bill: Vol. 2
  • Director Quentin Tarantino
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 2hrs
  • Genres Thriller, Crime, Action
  • Tagline Sid Haig, back again for another masterpiece

Having dispensed with former colleagues O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green in the first volume, The Bride (Uma Thurman) resumes her quest for justice in this second installment of Tarantino's jaw-droppingly violent homage to action films from both East and West. The Bride now has two remaining foes on her 'Death List', Budd (Michael Madsen) and Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) - before she moves on to her ultimate goal - to kill Bill (David Carradine).

Background Info

After watching the first volume, and mostly enjoying it, I was naturally very keen to see the second. Part of me had a bit of a panic that as it had been on the iPlayer, the second part would either not be shown or not be available, but all was well. It appeared and I watched it. Two hours would normally put me off a bit, but I was ill and ready to watch anything.

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:01:45 - A film version of “Previously on…”
00:03:51 - Why would she wear a wedding dress to a rehearsal?**
** 00:08:04 - He never promised to be nice. He said he’d try to be sweet. A world of difference.
00:11:54 - Tommy seems nice.
**00:15:50 **- $250 doesn’t seem like much for any kind of sword.
**00:16:24 - Whatever name he said under that bleep, it started with a B.
** **00:22:04 - Bouncers have to clean toilets? Or just this bouncer?
** **00:23:38 **- She’s not wearing the silly yellow suit anymore. That’s good.
**00:26:14 - He shot salt at her! Like, salt and pepper.
****00:29:11 - I’m sure you can get good and bad swords, but surely once they are good, they are all the same?
**00:32:47 - Wiggle worm.
00:35:05 - This is certainly more disturbing than when they did it in Eastenders.
00:41:09 - The five point palm heart exploding technique. That sounds awesome.**
** 00:44:45 - She plays at being younger really well, but she certainly doesn’t look it.**
**** **00:52:18 - That man’s beard is really annoying.
00:53:51 - I can’t use chopsticks at the best of times, let alone with broken hands.**
****** 01:04:40 - He’s very messy. Although he couldn’t really live more alone - out in the middle of the desert and everything.
01:06:08 - Relief or regret? Great question.
01:07:20 - Snake! Should come with a warning.
01:09:37 - But she told him to kill her.
01:11:18 - So that’s her name. What’s the big secret?
01:12:43 - Isn’t there a snake still on the loose?**
** 01:17:08 - Oh no. Eyes should come with a warning too. Awesome revenge though.**
01:18:44 - At least she has a better car this time.
**01:24:44 - She’s wearing a floaty skirt, that doesn’t seem conducive to fighting.
01:30:16 - He’s talking about a dead goldfish, it’s still fascinating. Although it doesn’t seem like good talk over sandwiches.
01:37:41 - It just so happens to be a full moon, on the beach, good for a sword fight. Go on then, I dare ya.
01:39:49 - How do truth drugs work?
01:52:11 - “I overreacted.” Ha!
01:54:54 - She didn’t have to fight much in the skirt. That’s lucky. Mostly sitting down.
01:56:28 - I wonder if she used that on anyone else before.
02:00:16 -  Great credits. I’d forgotten all those people from the first part.


I liked it. I may have even liked it slightly better than the first one. It was a bit less silly, a bit less bloody, so that the fighting scenes that did occur had more impact. It was also great to understand the story completely, from beginning to end.

Glad I watched it, it’s something I would probably watch again, if only for the awesome direction. Still don’t understand the Ironside reference though.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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