Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Published June 4, 2011

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Film info

  • Title Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Director Quentin Tarantino
  • Year 2003
  • Run time 1hr 40m
  • Genres Action, Crime
  • Tagline A roaring rampage of revenge

The return of renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino after an absence of 6 years. Uma Thurman stars as The Bride, one-fifth of a team of assassins called DiVAS. When she decides to get married and leave the outfit her boss, Bill (David Carradine), is not a happy man and gets her former colleagues to show up at the wedding; leaving behind a blood bath and The Bride shot in the head. Four years later, The Bride sets out on a journey of revenge which is ultimately to kill her former boss, Bill. The film was due to be three hours long but was split into two films (hence the name) and Volume 2 concludes the story.

Background Info

I’ve heard plenty of mixed reviews on this film, and with Quentin Tarantino, you either love it or hate it and rarely anything in between. This was available on the iPlayer, so I decided to give it to go - I only hope they put the second part on as well, or I’ll be annoyed.

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:01:29 - Is that Uma Thurman? She looks different. Must not recognise her through the blood.
00:03:14 - Weird opening credits. Like the haunting song. What’s with the numbers?**
** 00:08:05 - We aren’t allowed to know her name? Why write it in the script then?
00:11:10 - “I’m a different person now.” “I don’t care.”
**00:13:09 **- Huh. I was expecting something, but it wasn’t a gun in the cereal.
**00:15:11 - Isn’t writing a death list something that could be used in evidence against you?
** **00:19:43 - I wish I could whistle that clearly.
** **00:28:49 **- Although it seems as though whistling is a precursor to something bad in this film.
**00:32:25 - That is a seriously bad car.
****00:40:10 **- Anime. Interesting.
**00:46:36 - If it is all like this, they needn’t have hired Lucy Liu!
****00:50:12 - Great lighting in this shot. Beams of sunlight in just the right place.
**00:57:15 - Her bodyguard is 17 years old? That’s a twisted childhood right there.
01:00:31 - Wow. I find the blood kinda doubtful though.
01:02:13 - I didn’t think you were allowed on planes with swords.**
01:09:57 - Is the Ironside reference for a reason or just because it’s awesome?
** 01:13:50 - The gurgling is the bit that makes it gross.**
** 01:17:37 - Her bloodshot eyes became un-bloodshot very quickly.
01:21:04 - Black and white is clever because otherwise there would be far too much red.**
** 01:22:49 - This bit is kinda boring though.**
** 01:23:41 - Particularly as we know she’s going to beat them, or she wouldn’t be alive to kill the woman at the start of the film.**
** 01:30:47 - Ooh, that’s better. Not totally invincible then.**
**01:31:55 - It’s the little things like the water feature. Irritating but perfect.
01:38:41 - The writing of her list gets bigger as it gets to Bill. No doubting who the bad guy is.**


I’ve heard so many negative things about this that I wasn’t expecting to like it at all, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated. The massive amounts of bloodshed aren’t over the top really, because it’s done in that completely unrealistic comic book style, like Kick-Ass.

I really liked the direction, but when Tarantino really revelled in the fighting, I did get a bit bored. There’s only so many times you can watch a woman swing a sword before you need to move on.

It was good, not great, but I am curious to see the second.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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