The God Committee

Published March 19, 2022

The God Committee

Film info

  • Title The God Committee
  • Director Austin Stark
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 38m
  • Genre Thriller
  • Tagline Can you put a price on a human life?

Who lives, who dies? They decide... Three patients wait to see if they will live or die as a hospital committee decides to grant a life saving heart transplant to one of them. Seven years later hte committee members struggle with the consequences of that fateful decision.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:38 If you could travel at the speed of light you wouldn’t age? My head exploded.
6:45 It’s quite annoying that she was going to make her own way there, he offered but then didn’t take her all the way.
10:12 I do not want in on this committee but definitely not with just one hour’s warning.
11:32 Was not expecting a time jump there, that’s weird.
14:32 The second question is about the money, not the science.
19:10 “But they never tell the whole story either, which is why we’re here.”
23:58 Going up to the roof for a chew.
30:15 $25m for a heart!
38:40 “If you make choices on anything that can’t be quantified, you’re playing God.”
51:59 The vicar-lawyer is really annoying.
57:03 He loves her so much he threw her out of a moving car.
1:01:31 Lot of fast-paced walking.
1:03:48 “Nothing is pure!”
1:16:04 Not the best mindset to go into an operation with.
1:29:07 They could have at least timed the beating heart with the music.


This was a surprisingly good, short but intriguing film. It mostly drew attention because we like Julia Stiles, and at first I wasn’t sure we’d get through the whole thing as getting deep inside heart transplant operations isn’t really what I want to watch. But mercifully the operation side of things was only brief - the majority of the film was talking, discussing the implications and moral questions surrounding one heart with three potential recipients.

The timeline dips back and forth which was jarring the first time but actually was really well done so that soon you didn’t even need a nudge as to which time period you were in, it just makes sense. You can tell the movie is based on a play, few sets required, and a more intellectual theme, and that comes across really well. It’s not going to win any Best Picture gongs but it was very watchable and raised a lot of interesting ethical questions.

Rating: 4 / 5

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