Carry on Again Doctor

Published April 13, 2011

Carry on Again Doctor

Film info

  • Title Carry on Again Doctor
  • Director Gerald Thomas
  • Year 1969
  • Run time 1hr 29m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline Playing doctor with the sexiest nurses in town

A surgeon sets up a slimming clinic on the basis of a potion from the Beatific Isles, in this 'Carry On' film. Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Barbara Windsor and company star.

Background Info

I’ve seen a couple of Carry On films in the long distant past and they were alright but not spectacular. This was up on the iPlayer so I figured I could give it a shot (no pun intended).

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:00:40 - A film with three subtitles!
00:00:55 - Carry On films do have quite joyous title music.
00:02:49 - What are those weird things ye olde doctors wear on their heads? Lights?
00:05:45 - It’s the character names that give it away. I can already see Stoppage and Nookey being referenced later.**
** 00:09:01 - If doctors offered prescriptions just because they were bored of you, the NHS would work a lot differently!
00:11:24 - His name is Carver and he’s a surgeon, geddit?
00:14:33 - So, Barbara Windsor never wears very much in these, eh?
**00:17:57 **- IMessing about with the X-ray machine - no concern for radiation!
**00:23:45 **- Whopping great stereotypes. He wants to get lucky, she wants to get married after four weeks.
**00:25:44 **- They’re having a party in the hospital itself!
**00:29:05 **- Why would he spike the punch?
**00:31:39 **- Hehe, japamas!
**00:34:16 **- Did he have to film that? Bouncing downstairs on a trolley? Ouch!
**00:36:52 **- Amazing that it is clearly stock footage of a plane, boat and car to pass the journey. They’re almost revelling in that fact.
**00:41:14 **- “It only rains for nine months of the year.” Phew.
**00:47:35 - Straight, with a bit of a wiggle here and there.
** **00:51:47 **- I’m suspicious we haven’t seen the witch doctor yet. Ohhh, there he is.
**00:54:56 **- It’s strange how time passes in this film and you have to catch up.
**00:57:35 **- “The Moore-Nookey clinic.” What did I tell you?
**00:59:44 - Traitress! Is that a word?
****01:01:25 - Who is running the mission now then? They can’t possibly have left it in Sid James' capable hands.
** 01:10:04 - The name Puddleton makes me think of Puddle Lane. I used to love those books.
01:13:02 - No offence to Hattie, but it’s weird to have a large lady fronting a weight loss clinic, isn’t it?
01:19:03 - Instant wedlock. That sounds excellent.
01:24:58 - I missed the bit where she changed her mind. Oh well, happy endings for all.**


It was okay, I suppose. Not as funny as I was expecting, although there were a couple of bits I did like, such as the japamas bit. I really did find it hard to follow at times, they passed months here and there without the blink of an eye and we were left to catch up via newspaper headlines and speedy dialogue between characters.

Can’t say I’d seek out any other Carry On to watch, but wouldn’t necessarily turn one off in horror either.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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