125. Frozen

Published April 13, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Frozen Director: Juliet McKoen Year: 2005 Run time: 1hr 30

Background Info

This one appeared on the iPlayer, and I don’t know why I chose to watch it because it didn’t really seem like the kind of film I would normally select. I was intrigued to see Shirley Henderson take the lead though - can she pull off an entire film?

Live Blog

00:01:02 - Seawater doesn’t freeze? 00:05:01 - People who visit psychiatrists always start by saying “Don’t know why I’m here, don’t want to talk,” and they always open up in the end. 00:07:27 - Obsessive thinking is a symptom? I may be in trouble. 00:09:00 - That’s an actual video tape. 00:10:12 - Ooh, that’s the lovely Richard Armitage! Looking… not so lovely. 00:15:31 - You should probably ask if it’s okay to smoke before you get a cigarette out. 00:18:03 - He’s jogging on sand, that’s hard. At least it’s wet sand though. 00:22:58 - Working in a fish factory must be pretty grim. **00:25:08 **- It also must be kinda dull to watch CCTV for a living. **00:29:12 **- She wouldn’t really quit though, he must know that’s a one-sided deal. **00:32:05 **- I am definitely sailing on the river of forgetfulness. **00:33:31 **- “Nothing gets out the bay. What goes out comes back in.” They should call it Boomerang Bay. **00:34:56 **- He’s a counsellor and a vicar? That seems like a conflict of interest or something. **00:36:57 **- Why would there be random pictures in the middle of CCTV frames? **00:40:24 **- Why did he decide Terence Mann was the one that needed his help? **00:45:40 **- I don’t think you’re meant to just go wandering about on random fishing boats. **00:47:43 **- Men shouldn’t wear dangly earrings, that’s what I say. **00:54:16 **- Now she has a crush on her counsellor. One cliche after another! **01:01:08 **- I don’t know who that was or why she was there. **01:03:12 **- Watching fish is great. I’d love to have fish without the effort of looking after them. **01:07:34 **- Do vicars not get scared by all the creaks and noises around a big ol’ spooky church? **01:12:07 - Oh no, is Richard playing the bad guy again? ****01:18:21 **- Even if she does know, she hasn’t got any proof. 01:20:25 - Oh, she didn’t know.**


All in all, the film was pretty dull. I did quite like the arty side to it, which is unusual, because I normally dismiss that after a few minutes. The story itself was weird, and the premise was supposed to be one of those where you make up your own mind - whether she’s crazy or haunted - but in the end, they spoil it with an unnecessary twist.

That said, I wasn’t left disappointed by it, just… kinda nothing really.

Rating: 25

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