Published March 27, 2011


Film info

  • Title Innerspace
  • Director Joe Dante
  • Year 1987
  • Run time 2hrs
  • Genres Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
  • Tagline This summer take a trip you'll never forget

Jack Putter feels funny today, nothing new to this 25-hour-a-day hypochondriac. What’s new is that Jack hears something. I’m possessed! he cries. The voice Jack (Martin Short) hears is that of hotshot Navy pilot Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid), subject of a secret miniaturization project gone awry and accidentally injected into Jack. And before frazzled Jack can say “I’ve got you under my skin”, his unlikely partner propels him into the craziest escapade of his life.

Background Info

Mr C sort of has a rule that when we’re watching movies together from the iTunes store, they should be in HD. Fair enough, we’ve invested in an HD TV, we should make the most of it. That does put a bit of a halt on some of the older films, but just recently Apple seem to have put some effort into getting upscaled older films. I’ve seen Innerspace a couple of times before so I know I love it, but how would it look?

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:02:20 - It looks amazing. Not HD, obviously, but the upscaling has made it look normal and not over twenty years old.
00:03:40 - Meg Ryan’s hair kinda ages it though.
00:05:42 - A machine to pour drinks. Very BTTF.
00:08:39 - Textbook hypochondriac.
00:10:28 - Can you get crazy small guns like that?
00:11:14 - I wonder if doctors still prescribe holidays? That seems unusual.
00:14:20 - Recording a piece to camera about the experiment is also very BTTF.
00:16:07 - Presumably there are all kinds of health and safety forms to fill in with an experiment like this.****
**00:20:29 **- He’s tiny!
**00:23:43 **- Don’t much fancy taking on a car with a bike.
**00:24:22 **- I suspect being hit by a car would break a syringe.
**00:27:40 **- I’m glad they don’t just have random clowns in shopping malls anymore.
**00:29:41 **- Argh, she’s packing the shopping all wrong!
**00:31:30 **- “Jack, you’re becoming unglued.”
**00:34:10 **- It’s super clever. Seeing through his eyeballs. Kinda gross though.
**00:36:53 **- I hate it when you get that itch inside your ear. Never really thought about it being a little person inside.
**00:41:36 **- Hehehe, I love this film.
**00:44:17 **- It would actually be really good to have someone talking you through life from the inside.
**00:51:56 **- That’s all kinds of disgusting, and not just because it’s Southern Comfort.
**00:56:29 **- Ooh, I forgot about the cowboy!
01:00:56 - It’s amazing the little capsule can survive so much. But then again, they can send people to the moon, and that’s quite complicated too.
**01:07:54 **- That’s a proper high five moment, but kinda tricky when one is inside the other.
**01:13:37 **- Uh oh, crimped hair.
**01:15:52 - I love that as an excuse. “It’s probably on account of my life sucking so much."
****01:17:47 **- Calling someone pal is just so patronising.
01:18:55 - This is a bit less believable, I must say.
**01:21:57 **- It can’t be right to give a dog a raw egg.
**01:28:34 - I wonder what secret thing Mr C or I could say to know it was each other.
****01:31:47 **- How will they re-enlarge the second chip though?
**01:34:26 **- How is it these people have a fancy lab but haven’t been able to figure out their own chip?
01:40:22 - Hehe, they’re so little!
01:46:27 - “You just digested the bad guy."
01:50:54 - That HAS to be the same noise as the DeLorean.


I definitely still loved this film but as it went on it became clear that I love it because there are so many similarities to Back to the Future. From the more complex ideas of a guy learning to be strong because he thinks something is happening when it isn’t, to the more obvious things like the robot arms making life easier, the noises, and the flashing lights and… well there was a lot.

It’s a great film but it hasn’t aged as well as BTTF, and considering it was made afterwards, it could be considered quite a bit of a rip off. I still like it though.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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