Published July 25, 2021


Film info

  • Title Nobody
  • Director Ilya Naishuller
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 32m
  • Genres Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama
  • Tagline Never underestimate a nobody

Hutch is a nobody. As an overlooked and underestimated father and husband, he takes life's indignities on the chin and never rocks the boat. But when his daughter loses her beloved kitty-cat bracelet in a robbert, Hutch hits a boiling point no one knew he had. What happens when a pushover finally pushes back? Hutch flips from regular dad to fearless fighter by taking his enemies on a wild ride of explosive revenge.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:53 Boring life montage?
6:09 I don’t think this robbery went how they expected it to.
11:48 “Zero to sixty in I’m-about-to-find-the-fuck-out.”
17:18 He saw all that in those few seconds!
20:48 Ooh, he’s doing the boring groundwork. Pounding the streets.
21:59 Flash cheese.
24:59 Kitty cat bracelet just doesn’t sound hardcore.
30:15 I mean, he’s no Jason Bourne.
39:05 Do Russian’s say ‘you dig’?
44:51 His name is Mansell and he works at Williams.
48:23 They didn’t get to eat his homemade lasagne.
50:46 Tasers just never seem like a fair part of a fight.
54:55 That cheeky little glint in Christopher Lloyd’s eyes.
1:01:05 The bracelet was there the whole time!
1:01:17 The burning record is really cool.
1:05:59 Okay, this is like next level Home Alone.
1:15:22 I was wrong. He is Bourne.
1:16:35 “You brought a lot of shotguns.” “You brought a lot of Russians.”
1:22:45 “That was a bit excessive. But glorious.” Lloyd summing up the film for all of us there.


This is a movie from the same people that brought us John Wick and you can feel that every time there’s a fight sequence. It’s pretty derivative of its sister movie, but still, an entertaining ride. I like how it’s put together, the montage at the beginning tells you so much in such a short space of time, it’s well done.

It’s the kind of movie where you end up rooting for people that are hardcore killers and terrifying in fights, but you want them to win and get their life back together. Bob Odenkirk (hope he’s on the road to recovery!) manages to play both bored husband and secret assassin with equal skill, and you can’t go wrong with Christopher Lloyd playing your father!

Short and fun, what’s not to like?

Rating: 4 / 5

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