The Other Guys

Published March 7, 2011

The Other Guys

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  • Title The Other Guys
  • Directors
  • Year 2010
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Fast Facts

Title: The Other Guys Director: Adam McKay Year: 2010 Run time: 1hr 47

Background Info

We had a bit of a flip out at Apple while we were browsing through the iTunes rental store. It’s about twenty blog posts in itself but there are so many films that are in a series we want to watch and you just can’t because you can’t rely on them all being available. So, we went for this, which looked good and was standalone (for now anyways).

Live Blog

00:01:31 - “Dude, you put a ding in my hood.” If it’s all like this, I’m going to struggle to understand. 00:02:01 - Is this some kind of weird Bee Gees remix?** **00:06:30 - He’s playing Solitaire. Busy, busy in the police department.** **00:08:47 - Love a film that can dedicate five minutes to lion versus tuna.** **00:13:27 - “They were so convincing in their argument!”** **00:13:57 - Wrecking ball!** **00:16:06 - WHAT?** **00:18:07 -Silent fighting, hehehe.** ****00:18:50 - Next time in the library. ****00:21:34 - Turns out the Prius can go pretty fast then. Did Toyota sponsor the film? ****00:24:39 - Ask Jeeves! ****00:27:55 **- How many fresh starts can a relationship take? **00:30:51 **- Fresh start! **00:31:38 **- Frontline app, is that real? I need it. **00:33:29 **- Not really your classic meet and fall in love story. **00:38:52 **- Christinith is a real name? **00:42:31 **- He must be the weirdest man that ever was. **00:46:09 **- Ooh, saxophone in a cop movie. I must be in the 80s. **00:48:13 **- An anger wall. **00:50:14 **- Oof that was funny. It reminded me of Mustafa in Austin Powers. **00:54:17 **- I want to see Jersey Boys! Why won’t anyone bribe me? **00:56:38 **- That’s genius. Helmet on helmet action. **00:59:53 - Whistle!! ****01:00:16 **- Peacocks fly about as much as penguins do. **01:04:17 **- One minute she was singing to him, the next screaming at him to get out. That’ll be the hormones then. **01:06:16 **- How did they do that? Amazing camera stuff! **01:07:07 **- “I think I thought a tube of toothpaste was astronaut food.” **01:10:42 - You can’t talk someone down with an ice cream an tinkling away in the background. It’d make me jump! ****01:19:41 **- TLC! **01:23:14 **- Ah-mazing gun scene! **01:23:29 - “I’m not made of tickets, goddamit.” ****01:33:41 **- The Prius beebs in reverse? **01:36:05 **- Amazing! **01:36:14 **- The crash… not so much. **01:40:07 - I ain’t too proud to beg. **


This made me laugh, a lot. At times I wasn’t really sure what I was seeing - can it really be this crazy? But then it would come back to funny and the weirdness wouldn’t really matter. I really did love the tuna vs lion bit. In fact… why not? (Mild swear alert.)

Mark Wahlberg fascinates me. I made the mistake of GoogleTubing Marky Mark after the film ended and now I’m not sure I can take him seriously. He was good in this though. I’ll try and remember that above Good Vibrations.

Rating: 45

Rating: Unrated

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