120. Red

Published February 20, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Red Director: Robert Schwentke Year: 2010 Run time: 1hr 45

Background Info

You just can’t beat a bit of Bruce, and whilst this did have echoes of The Expendables (lots of famous people “getting the gang back together”), the trailer looked much better. A bit of humour makes a film far more likeable.

Live Blog

00:00:30 - This is a DC comic? 00:03:44 - Why would you make up a reason to call a call centre? No matter how nice the people are, most people do all they can to avoid them!** **00:04:28 - An action film with Bruce at Christmas. If he goes to an airport, we need to worry.** **00:05:23 - “It’s terrible, I love it, it’s awful.” That’s my kind of book review.** **00:07:47 - Woah, a gun that sees round corners!** **00:08:26 - Gooooo Bruce!** **00:09:46 - That… is going to wake the neighbours.** **00:13:04 -It takes the edge off, I think, if your intruder vacuums.** ****00:22:07 - So close to the car. Amazing. ****00:25:46 - “You can’t just go around duct-taping everyone.” ****00:29:34 - That CIA woman looks just like the pensions woman. ****00:30:05 **- Apparently, that is a pilot in Airwolf who is quite awesome. I may have been told to write this. **00:33:28 **- Steps down to the bunker hidden by a car! Genius! **00:37:06 **- There’s a place called Mobile? That must get confusing. **00:41:09 **- He was right! **00:49:19 **- Breaking into the CIA, that is something they haven’t done in National Treasure yet. **00:50:28 **- She’s cool. I want to be her. **00:52:58 **- Cute hair. Hair can be cute? **00:59:51 **- I love Marvin too! **01:01:49 **- Hard on the outside, gooey on the inside. Bruce is clearly an armadillo. **01:03:12 **- Is that gratuitous use of the CIA man’s children? **01:08:09 **- You have to be scared of someone wielding a blowtorch. **01:11:25 **- The man has a bloodshot eye still, from their earlier fight. That’s attention to detail. **01:17:32 **- How can you survive three bullets to the chest? **01:19:59 - Ah, that explains the children. Mr C guessed it before me. ****01:26:52 **- The CIA chap, good-looking, quite brooding, reminds me of Brad Pitt. **01:29:18 **- Who knew necklaces were so useful? **01:33:28 **- Marvin is always just there like her butler. Brilliant. **01:35:52 **- Awww, that’s soppy, but I like it. **01:41:31 **- I like the CIA man too. This is ridiculous. **01:45:07 - Moldova sucks! **


Woo, another great film to banish the bad mood that Expendables left me in. Great cast of characters, all very likeable and most amusing. Interesting story, although it took a while to become clear. The Morgan Freeman bit was not quite done right, left me feeling a bit weird, but that’s the only bit I would fix. Otherwise, it was fabulous.

Rating: 45

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