The Perfect Storm

Published May 15, 2021

The Perfect Storm

Film info

  • Title The Perfect Storm
  • Director Wolfgang Petersen
  • Year 2000
  • Run time 2hrs 10m
  • Genres Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Action
  • Tagline The storm is coming

Just days after returning from a disappointing fishing trip, Andrea Gail captain Billy Tyne decides to return to the sea to trawl for swordfish one last time before the season ends. From the port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Tyne and a five-man crew that includes seaman Bobby Shatford set sail for the Flemish Cap, rich fishing grounds far beyond the vessel's normal range. Out at sea, Tyne learns of an impending storm but thinks he can outrun it. Little does he know that he's contending with not one but three weather fronts that unite to create the fiercest, most destructive storm of the 20th century!

Live blog

2:39Being married to a fisher-person can’t be a lot of fun.
3:35So many birds, as well.
7:17What are these fish? They’re enormous!
12:57“For old time’s sake.” “It was the old times that killed us, honey.”
22:52“You can’t be good unless you love it.”
24:10Blonde Fichtner!
30:31Irene is adorable.
36:11“Wife, kids, house with things in it.”
41:59There doesn’t seem to be a lot of sleeping on a fishing trip like this.
47:49Wait, this movie has turned into Jaws.
54:46It is amazing that the guy who was arguing most loudly was the first one over the side.
58:59Rogue wave.
1:01:52Wow, imagine knowing maps enough to recognise a latitude and longitude.
1:08:10Container ships make no sense anyway, in the middle of a storm it’s so weird.
1:13:23I was not expecting helicopter drama as well. Just boats.
1:21:10“We’ve got some swordmen who seem to have lost their way… or their minds.”
1:26:12I didn’t know helicopters could refuel in flight as well as planes can.
1:31:38Very bad times when the coastguard also need to come and be rescued.
1:46:58How the hell do they know which way they’re facing?
1:56:12It happened so quickly. Not like the Titanic that took hours.
2:00:54That list of names is too many names.


It’s just brutal. Such a good movie but so heart-wrenching, so tense, so ultimately sad. All these people risking their lives for what? From start to finish this movie is brilliant though, at first delving deep into the lives of these fishermen - the distubances of having to come and go and the struggles of those left behind. Then the boats take to the sea, the storm descends, and it’s a very visceral experience from there. It’s the kind of film that leaves you flat and depressed, but worth the ride.

Rating: 5 / 5

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