Yes Day

Published March 14, 2021

Yes Day

Film info

  • Title Yes Day
  • Director Miguel Arteta
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 26m
  • Genres Comedy, Family
  • Tagline For 24 hours, kids make the rules

A mom and dad who usually say no decide to say yes to their kid's wildest requests - with a few ground rules - on a whirlwind day of fun and adventure.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:18 Oh my god, kids are stupid. Actual rockets on his back!
4:28 “It hurts my eyes!” My calendar does that too.
7:57 Turn down the rock music when you get to the school.
12:44 “There are NO happy books.”
17:05 A funkiller! Aww.
19:41 “So this rules out Magic Mountain, Japan, and all space tourism.”
21:17 Why are they doing it on a Friday?
24:33 I like a dessert that comes with an evil laugh.
29:19 Dude, car washes are scary enough without the windows open!
33:30 So this appears to be paintballing without the paintballs which makes it much more palatable.
44:36 That’s really not how ambulances work.
54:32 “I don’t think you were mad about the gorilla.” Weird sentence.
57:35 “We won’t make poor decisions, promise.”
59:17 Baby bouncer is adorable, her list has four names on, two of which are her siblings, and one is her!
1:02:06 The terrified policeman is the most adorable.
1:14:26 Somehow the best mum and the most embarrassing.
1:15:56 Anyone else worried about the ukulele she ran off with?
1:19:13 Square and fair! Adorable.


I assumed this would be quite similar to Alexander and his very bad day, given that it’s basically Jennifer Garner running around getting up to mischief with her family for a day. It was similar but really the exact opposite, good things as opposed to bad things happening.

I think it was a lot better than that one, though. At heart, it has a good message - that parenting is really hard, that it can change you, and that easing up a bit can make a difference to both you and your kids… although be careful not to go too far. It was fun and funny, some moments were brilliant, the self-concious cop, and the youngest trying to be a bouncer when she can’t even read, hilarious.

There were some annoyances - I feel like the kids wasted a couple of their choices, and it was annoying that the festival was on the same day as the bet, how can you win the bet if the bet is still ongoing? But a small quibble for a fun weekend watch.

Rating: 5 / 5

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