115. The Weather Man

Published February 5, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: The Weather Man Director: Gore Verbinski Year: 2005 Run time: 1hr 41

Background Info

Mr C recommended this one to me, either because of or well timed when it appeared on iTunes for 99p. Then it was on the iPlayer at the same time, so I was spoilt for options on how to watch it and didn’t really have a good excuse not to.

Live Blog

00:01:09 - Woah, is that ice? It’s making my eyes go funny. 00:03:58 - Why do people not understand that sometimes you just want to wait in line with your own thoughts? 00:04:35 - Although the man makes a good point. If you don’t want to be recognised, you go work in a bank. 00:06:56 - As 12 years old, she is still a kid.** **00:11:35 - Is Michael Caine doing an American accent?** **00:17:29 - He does seem to have a pretty rubbish life.** **00:23:36 - And two terrifying children. Why would he want to take them anywhere?** **00:29:27 - It’s easy to say: “I’m gonna work it out,” though. He’d have to change his whole life.** **00:34:13 - If you’re going to break the trust, you can’t reveal that you’ve done so! Rookie error.** **00:39:12 - “It’s wind, man, it blows all over the place.”** ****00:40:25 **- I tried archery once. I’d like to have another go. **00:45:46 - He can’t even get it right when he tries. What on earth is going to turn this film around? ****00:51:10 - “Easy doesn’t enter into grown up life.” ****00:59:10 **- That is a way cool vending machine! It rotates and everything. **01:01:59 **- Oof, giant Spongebob. I feel like I’ve seen a clip of this before, else I have dreamt about giant Spongebob’s at some point. **01:11:16 - If he got the job, they’d likely take it away from him when they find out he shoved pie in someone’s face. ****01:15:28 - This living funeral thing seems like a strange idea. ****01:20:44 - I wonder how many times they have said the f word so far. ****01:26:47 **- His dad is very strange, but always seems to get to the right advice at the end. **01:29:44 - He calls his dad Robert. ****01:31:53 **- Epic funeral rain. I’d like that kind of rain at my funeral. **01:34:16 **- I do enjoy him doing a bit of archery in his suit. **01:35:21 - More Spongebob. **


What a strange film. Completely depressing throughout, and no real uplift towards the end, despite the fact that you’re always waiting for something to come along and turn his life around. I quite often felt like I wasn’t really getting it, but I still liked it, so I can’t figure out how I feel about it.

Rating: 35

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