Four Christmases

Published December 23, 2020

Four Christmases

Film info

  • Title Four Christmases
  • Director Seth Gordon
  • Year 2008
  • Run time 1hr 28m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Tagline His father, her mother, his mother and her father all in one day

Every Christmas happily unmarried Brad and Kate escape divorced parents and exasperating relatives by getting on a plane. This year a fog rolls in that even Rudolph's nose couldn't illuminate, the airport shuts down and the couple is forced to celebrate four family Christmases in one hectic, hilarious day. Brad learns how not to install a satellite dish, Kate battles an army of naughty-list kids in an inflatable Christmas castle, and the two fill in for no-shows Mary and Joseph in a wacky holiday pageant. Can Brad and Kate's relationship survive Four Christmases?

Live blog

Time Comment
3:35 Christmas tram is pretty!
4:48 He is far too tall for her though.
7:06 Love their relationship - no marriage, no kids. It’s not gonna last, is it?
8:28 “You can’t really spell families without lies.”
12:35 Oh no, live on TV! Busted!
14:46 Safe word over Christmas is a great idea.
17:13 What a great cast and it’s only the first Christmas.
25:42 “Take it before it explodes,” he says, handing over the baby.
30:37 Dude, she smacked its head into the door!
33:51 Kids are awful!
40:37 Bouncy castles are terrifying. Or Jump Jump’s as they are apparently called.
53:05 Those churches are so weird.
54:08 “I have been present, I’ve been here all day.”
59:15 John Grisham!
1:02:39 “Why don’t you just hit me with that instead of letting me take laps around the anxiety pool?”
1:08:46 “Nothing really beats being honest. Honest about who you are, what you need. All the rest tends to work itself out.”


This movie is an assault on the senses from the get-go. It has an incredible cast and an interesting premise, but it has that problem that we occasionally find with movies - we were totally on board with them as they were before. So you just know it’s all going to go downhill as they discover the joy of Christmas and babies and weddings and stuff. Boooooo.

It’s fun, but stressful, and loud, and chaos and… well quite a lot like Christmas, actually!

Rating: 3 / 5

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