Jingle All the Way

Published December 9, 2020

Jingle All the Way

Film info

  • Title Jingle All the Way
  • Director Brian Levant
  • Year 1996
  • Run time 1hr 29m
  • Genres Comedy, Family, Adventure
  • Tagline Two dads, one toy, no prisoners

High powered businessman Howard Langston is hard at work taking last-minute orders from customers to whom he just can't say no, including his son, Jamie, who asked for the hottest action figure of the season - Turbo Man! Unfortunately, Howard is facing one BIG problem. It's Christmas Eve and Turbo Man has been sold out since Thanksgiving! Howard's down-to-the-wire trek to find Turbo Man quickly turns into an odyssey wilder than he could have ever imagined.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:40 Turboman has a boomerang as a weapon?
4:13 “You’re my number one customer!” Divorce.
7:19 Ooh, karate rage. He needs to reign that in or he might turn to the dark side.
11:19 “Purple was really important to me.” Me too.
14:18 He’s a TERRIBLE liar.
18:18 I feel like they’re all hating on this guy but he is speaking the truth.
23:06 Ted is Troy McClure and it is messing with my mind.
24:54 “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN. NOW.” Hehehe.
30:54 Uh oh, ball in a ball pool.
35:48 “It’s fun and educational.” What every kid wants.
43:27 Why does he think he only gets one day a year to prove himself? There’s 365 days in a year, surely.
54:54 The toy saying ‘it’s Turbo Time’ when shaken is silly, give it away when the kid inevitably shakes it.
58:26 You can’t punch a reindeer. Who punches a reindeer?
1:04:18 Yeah, go Liz!
1:10:45 HA! He was about to say I’m Your Father. That’s amazing.
1:13:16 “Get out of the way box.”
1:17:-00 Turborang is a terrible name for a weapon.
1:18:42 How can they not recognise their dad? He’s not even hiding his accent or anything.
1:20:19 “I’m sorry about the bike and the coffee and the bus and the bomb.” Dude has had a hell of a day.


This was better than I thought it was going to be. The concept isn’t exactly a new one - parent going crazy trying to find a toy that is completely out of reach - but it’s good. The adventure he goes on has some wacky moments and you have to suspend your disbelief a bit, but I think up to the point of the parade, it’s pretty good.

Then things go completely bonkers - not least because the family don’t recognise him even though Arnie is huge and has quite a distinctive accent… I wasn’t buying them as a family anyway, the chemistry was way off, and then they didn’t recognise him through an almost clear visor? Shenanigans!

Entertaining, better than I’d expected, but not the best.

Rating: 2 / 5

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