What a Girl Wants

Published November 15, 2020

What a Girl Wants

Film info

  • Title What a Girl Wants
  • Director Dennie Gordon
  • Year 2003
  • Run time 1hr 45m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Tagline Trying to fit in. Born to stand out

Daphne (Amanda Bynes), a spirited young American girl, travels to London in search of her long-lost father (Colin Firth), an influential aristocratic politician. As Daphne attempts to prove that love can conquer all, her impulsive behaviour creates an uproar in high society, where her unique style threatens to undermine the relationship she has waited her whole life to experience.

Live blog

4:01Boo Jonathan Pryce, interfering.
6:40So that’s how new dances are born. Ice sculpture down the back.
8:03This wedding singer has some tunes up her sleeve.
11:44She left her a goodbye voice memo. Amazing.
16:46There’s no room in London for a manor that size.
20:24“That singer you met on a camel?”
31:46Americans saying plonker sounds so weird.
36:04That is a piss poor Prince Charles lookalike.
42:57I feel like she’s such a terrible shot, he’s going to need more than a tin helmet.
48:59Peach and Pear and Parsnip. Ridiculous.
53:02The chandelier!
56:23“Don’t let him in, I’m not even cute yet.”
1:04:04“I had no idea you were so versatile,” which is code for what the bloody hell are you doing here?
1:16:54You literally can’t please everyone.
1:21:57The thing when people deliberately get names wrong to cause offence is so gross.
1:25:59The music stopped like it does in Eastenders.
1:34:48Finally, someone got punched! I’ve been calling for it for the last half hour.


I mean, we knew exactly what this would be going in to it - a pretty trashy film with Amanda Bynes running around being amusing. I was expecting bad wipes and bad ADR and I got most of that. It didn’t really make any sense and wasn’t very believable but it was a lot of fun and exactly what was needed after an exhausting few days.

Plus Colin Firth gave it an edge of respectability that it otherwise would have entirely lacked.

Rating: 2 / 5

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