Date Night

Published January 1, 2011

Date Night

Film info

  • Title Date Night
  • Director Shawn Levy
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 28m
  • Genre Comedy
  • Tagline One ordinary couple, one little white lie

Worried that the spark has gone from their marriage, Phil and Claire Foster plan a romantic night out at a hip Manhattan eatery. When they arrive, however, the restaurant is heaving, and, without a reservation, Phil impulsively claims they are absent diners the Tripplehorns. The ploy seems to have worked, until two heavies interrupt their meal demanding the return of a stolen flash drive.

Background Info

We saw the trailer for this a long while ago, and whilst it wasn’t really an exceptional ad for the movie, we stored it in our to-watch pile. After such a long time, I assumed it would have become unavailable to rent but there it was - just what we needed on New Year’s Day.

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:01:12 - Children have a lot of knees.
00:03:13 - “Hello my peeps,” is better than “Honey, I’m home.”
00:04:32 - I like the “what’s the story” game.
00:06:45 - Mouth guard is gross.**
00:09:25 - “We’re not even a couple anymore, we’re just like excellent roommates."
00:11:20 - She has nice hair. She looks lovely.
00:13:24 - You can’t talk your way into a restaurant like that.
00:15:46 - I could never do that, taking someone else’s reservation. Not from a moral point of view, just not brave enough.
00:17:18 - “That’s… from Fergie!” It actually is too!
00:19:06 - Did they even pay for the food?
****00:22:17 **- Central Park! Are you allowed in the parks after dark?
**00:24:52 - He’s not being very chivalrous, making her come up with the lies.
****00:25:18 - Oh wait, he was rescuing her! Aww.
********00:25:55 - Slowest getaway ever.
****00:27:32 **- No one even raises an eyebrow, even though they’re all muddy and throwing up in the middle of the street.
**00:31:02 **- I’m not sure I remember how to make a collect call.
**00:31:33 - The babysitter is like a young Alicia Silverstone.
****00:32:31 - Her hair is not great anymore.
****00:33:16 - That’s actual Olivia Munn.
****00:35:04 **- What did she just do??
**00:39:03 - She doesn’t have much shame, her husband is right there.
****00:42:48 **- Too funny.
**00:46:18 **- Her ideal day involves, quite specifically, a Diet Sprite. I like her.
**00:48:28 **- “Everything you’re doing, I’m doing in heels. I want you to think about that.”
**00:53:43 **- I like the idea of having a two minute drill to escape your own house.
**00:57:44 **- That’s excellent. Oddest car chase ever.
**00:59:17 **- Kindle!!
**01:01:38 - The car goes into the river, and the man gets out safely, but Mr C is more worried about the Kindle!
****01:12:21 **- Oh, that’s some dad dancing they’re doing on the podium.
**01:14:07 **- Robot moves!
**01:16:03 **- I love that she can’t keep up with the plan.
**01:18:18 **- That’s amazing. I’m going to try counting to three in real life, see if it works.
**01:20:36 - “Who has time to read?” she needs that Kindle, except it’s in the river.


Excellent, excellent film and exactly what we were looking for. The plot was unpredictable, there was nothing too complicated to try and figure out but it wasn’t boring. Steve and Tina were both brilliant and very funny, and it just ticked every box. I feel like it shouldn’t get top marks, but I can’t quite put my finger on why, I certainly have no complaints about it. Great way to spend 90 minutes.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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