Wedding Crashers

Published November 1, 2020

Wedding Crashers

Film info

  • Title Wedding Crashers
  • Director David Dobkin
  • Year 2005
  • Run time 1hr 59m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline Life's a party. Crash it.

Guided by a set of 'wedding crasher rules', John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey can charm they way into any wedding... and into the hearts of every bridesmaid. But at the biggest nuptials of the year, John breaks the rules and falls for the daughter of the US Secretary of Treasury, and Jeremy is left at the mercy of her 'stage-five-clinger' sister. Being there for his buddy, Jeremy follows John to the family's huge estate for a weekend that may even be too wild for these professional party guys.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:35 “You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.”
1:47 Being a mediator is awful.
4:49 Him explaining how he feels about dating is basically how my mind works all day every day.
6:15 Is there a wedding season? Do we have one in this country too?
12:07 Dude really likes his cake.
16:14 “Phenomenal finger food.”
21:09 How many rules are there? He referenced 76, that’s a lot to remember.
23:29 “You must kiss the first mate.” Too far, man.
27:54 I didn’t know you actually could make a bicycle out of balloons!
30:15 She’s far too short for him.
38:13 She is legit having a tantrum. How old is she supposed to be?
41:58 Love her being the only woman playing. Goooo lady!
51:19 “People helping people.”
54:26 What a dysfunctional family.
1:06:16 He is really not having a good time of it. Owen Wilson is being pretty selfish.
1:13:10 I actually don’t know what a quail looks like. Only their eggs.
1:15:56 I love it when people call them ‘stories’.
1:18:21 “That’s my rationalisation and I’m sticking to it.”
1:26:14 Yes or no?' “Yes. With shades of grey.”
1:37:50 Pep talk from Christopher Walken. OK.
1:48:49 He’s… totally ruining his best friend’s wedding.


I was expecting this to be one of those buddy comedies that you have to switch your brain off to get through. There were certainly elements of that rubbish stuff in there, overly sexualised and mildly offensive in places, and I don’t think it’s aged particularly well. There was also more to it than just dick jokes, though. I wasn’t expecting the development of both sets of relationships in the way they happened, and how things completely turned on their head by the end.

There were some definitely funny bits in there, but not very many likeable characters. I wasn’t sold on the wedding crasher thing anyway, although it is true that the wedding montage at the start of the film shows everyone having probably a better time than if the duo hadn’t got involved. The more I think about it, the more mixed I feel.

Rating: 3 / 5

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