Thelma & Louise

Published October 10, 2020

Thelma & Louise

Film info

  • Title Thelma & Louise
  • Director Ridley Scott
  • Year 1991
  • Run time 2hrs 10m
  • Genres Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Drama
  • Tagline Somebody said get a life... so they did

Two friends - unhappy housewife Thelma and strong-willed waitress Louise - leave responsibilities behind to take a weekend fishing trip in the mountains in their 1966 T-bird convertible. But, at a roadside honky-tonk where they stop to blow off steam, a man tries to rape Thelma. Louise reacts by shooting the creey with a .38, and this action turns them into dazed and confused fugitives. Now the subject of a nationwide hunt, they regain their determination and recklessness.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:21 It is weird seeing Brad Pitt’s name so far down the opening credits.
2:10 Wait, Callie Khouri wrote this?? Who knew??
6:09 So annoying when people eat a bite of something and put it back over and over. Just eat the damn thing.
8:19 That is a heck of a lot of stuff for two days away. I’d need one backpack.
9:03 “Psycho killers, bears, snakes.” The big three.
12:54 She’s driving though, one of them needs to be sedate.
22:05 “You watch your mouth, buddy.”
31:25 How can you sound long distance?
39:27 He has nothing to threaten her with. At all.
44:02 Texas is a pretty big state to try and avoid.
46:27 Real life tumbleweeds.
52:21 “I just love to watch him go.”
56:56 How did he know what room she was in? Our Thelma should be just a tad more suspicious.
1:04:56 “What’d you do, take some kind of pill that makes you say all the right stuff?”
1:09:10 She says she’s never been lucky but she’s also not been so smart.
1:21:05 “Law is some tricky shit, int it?”
1:33:11 That wild west stuff looks so different in the dark.
1:39:35 Amazing how the balance of power has shifted between them.
1:41:44 Do feel sorry for the police officer in the boot.
1:53:24 That’s epic, blowing up the tanker.
2:01:56 “I think it’s the god damn Grand Canyon.”


I’ve seen this before but upon settling down to watch it again (how have we not already Film Watched this??) I realised I could only remember the attack that kicks everything off and the obviously iconic scene at the end. So everything in between felt gloriously new.

It’s such an incredible film. There’s obviously the outlaw on the run side of it, but more than that, it’s about these women and how their friendship sees them through everything life throws at them, whilst they’re also changing and growing and learning how to rub alongside each other even though they’ve changed. I also hadn’t appreciated the Harvey Keitel character who actually seems to understand these women - which is not something you see on screen very often.

Every shot was incredible, beautiful scenery and so well crafted. Some of the clothes and the music dated things a little bit, and I must admit it felt more 80s than early 90s, but even with that, it stands the test of time because it looks and feels so stunning.

Rating: 5 / 5

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