The Mummy Returns

Published October 4, 2020

The Mummy Returns

Film info

  • Title The Mummy Returns
  • Director Stephen Sommers
  • Year 2001
  • Run time 2hrs 10m
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Tagline The most powerful force on Earth is about to be unleashed by the two people who should know better

An ancient legacy of terror is unleashed when the accursed mummy, Imhotep, is resurrected - along with a force even more powerful: The Scorpion King. Now, as the fate of all mankind hangs in the balance, Rick O'Connell and his wife Evie embark on a daring, desperate race to save their son - and the world - from unspeakable evil.

Live blog

1:10OMG, it’s The Rock!
3:13They won the battle but then all died anyway. Talk about a waste of time.
8:29Why would you go IN a room of scorpions? Crazy.
13:15“No harm ever came from opening a chest.” Has she learnt nothing??
17:10Ah, he takes after his mother, clumsy.
21:39Ooh, ye Olde London.
23:34I’ve seen this before - when the bad people come to attack Croft Manor to get the artefact.
28:30“I haven’t lost it, I just can’t find it. There’s a difference.”
39:54Poor Rachel W keeps getting sacrificed.
47:39“Are all librarians this much trouble?”
51:19Snakes in the bed, yep, that’ll do it.
58:43Love that his best and most clever friend is a bird.
1:06:46Sounds like O’Connell has the Force inside him.
1:12:33There are visions, and then there are visions that make you throw yourself off a hot air balloon.
1:23:46How can he tell the skeletons apart, surely one looks quite a lot like another?
1:29:59Excellent overwatch from the siblings.
1:37:44I don’t buy that she’s dead, but did we have to kill off the awesome woman?
1:48:18That is some piss-poor Rock CGI. Even for the time.
1:53:40There’s a lot going on.
1:59:29How the bloody hell is that balloon staying still in that environment?


It’s a worthy sequel to the first movie but it’s not exactly what I would say a success. It’s fun, the comedy is a bit more obvious and the scares a bit more toned down, so it’s an easier ride. The child is the most unbelievable kid character I’ve ever seen - he was barely scared by anything, far too clever for his own good, and never got dirty even when running through a desert or a jungle.

The story was good, concept fine, but I did think it disappointing that The Scorpion King was barely in it. That was until I saw the graphics for said Scorpion King. It wasn’t so much scary as laughable, that weird cartoon scorpion.

But fun. The tricky decision now is whether to watch the last one. It’s a trilogy, so it would make sense, but the trailer doesn’t look great and lovely RW doesn’t return for it. Hmm.

Rating: 3 / 5

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