111. The Bourne Identity

Published December 31, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: The Bourne Identity Director: Doug Liman Year: 2002 Run time: 1hr 59

Background Info

I have seen this at least twice before and I know that I love it, but I knew I would need to see it again. I remember, vividly, attempting to watch the second one and not having a clue what was going on. I couldn’t figure it out compared to what happened in the first. Mr C hadn’t seen this one either, so it was a double bonus.

Live Blog

00:01:15 - That is some pretty wet weather. Have we accidentally put on The Perfect Storm. 00:03:42 - This fisherman is a good surgeon. He’s wasted on a boat. 00:04:42 - I take that back. First thing he does when faced with a laser is shine it in his eyeballs. 00:07:23 - Waking up and being able to speak several languages would be good.** **00:10:19 - Beautiful trains. I want to go on one of those super speedy trains. 00:13:30 - “We lost communication with our man.” Next they’ll say he’s gone rogue. 00:14:09 - Aww, he looks so vulnerable. And yet also he’s a trained killer.** **00:15:24 - That is a lot of security for a bank. And I thought Barclays was bad.** **00:19:03 - That woman was wearing a purple beret!** **00:20:58 - People always look at you suspiciously if you decide you don’t want to wait in line anymore, even if you might have your own reasons.** **00:24:47 - He’s awesome. Can scale buildings better than Spiderman.** ******00:27:69 - I wouldn’t turn down ten grand either.** ****00:30:45 **- I can’t think there’s a man on earth who would ask a woman to keep talking. **00:32:47 - The information they have! ****00:35:14 - Can you train yourself to memorise six number plates at a glance, or do you find out you can do it and then train to be a spy? ********00:41:48 **- She’s using his toothbrush. **00:44:50 - Whilst I’m sure she’s appreciating his heroic-ness, I don’t think I could stand and watch a fight like that. ****00:50:42 **- They’re almost having an old married couple argument, except that they are assassins and stuff. **00:52:19 **- Dude went to Paris with a map. He’s already one up on us. **00:52:30 - Also, what does: “tyres a little splashy” mean? ****00:55:18 - I love this bit but I do feel a bit sorry for the police people. ****01:01:42 **- Always adds to the mood when you find your partner has two bullet holes in his back. **01:03:23 - She’s a good girl, she didn’t touch the doorhandles or anything. ****01:08:16 **- Oops. Mr C says that is Hollywood just using more guitar compressors and expecting us to believe it is fancy surveillance equipment. **01:20:03 **- Way to catch up with a long-lost friend. **01:25:44 - I want a basement. Oh no wait, I want a bunker. ****01:28:14 **- I wonder if it is a handicap to be a sniper that wears glasses. **01:34:22 **- “neuf” is not a manly word to say. **01:37:06 **- These people are so obvious when you know what you’re looking for! **01:42:45 **- How rude. Nikki could kill anyone, anytime, I’m sure. **01:45:20 **- When you sign up for these things, do they tell you it’s a lifelong job like the Pope? **01:46:52 **- Those machine guns are not very subtle. They’ll wake the neighbours. **01:48:56 - Silencers are much better! **


Mmm, I love Bourne! Considering this is at least the third time I’ve seen it, the film doesn’t get old. It gets funnier towards the end as well, I don’t remember laughing out loud before, but I did. In a good way. Matt Damon is at his best when he’s going about doing heroic things without really knowing why.

Rating: 55

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