Knight and Day

Published December 31, 2010

Knight and Day

Film info

  • Title Knight and Day
  • Director James Mangold
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 49m
  • Genres Comedy, Action
  • Tagline Every hit man deserves a second shot

When June Havens meets a secret agent who could be the man of her dreams her life is turned upside down as the pair travel around the globe fighting for their lives.

Background Info

The trailer sold this one to Mr C, and I wasn’t quite so sure but figured that was mostly because I’d been supremely put off the secret spy type of film by Killers.  I’m not particularly a fan of either Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz but the trailer did seem amusing.

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:02:24 - He doesn’t seem bored wandering around the airport, like most people would.
00:03:11 - That must be too heavy for carry on surely.
00:04:35 - He’s creepy.
00:05:34 - He’s really creepy!**
00:08:30** - Kansas has the best scrap. Who knew?
00:10:00 - “Someday is just code for never.” He needs himself a life list.
00:11:08 - Are flights really like that? The turbulence, I mean, not the epic fighting.
00:17:30 - I’m pretty sure he’d be able to fly that plane. He is Maverick, after all.**
00:20:00 - That’s leaving one heck of a crop circle.
00:24:49 - She got in the vehicle, even though he told her not to. Silly girl.
00:26:11 - “Charming one moment, homicidal the next."
00:28:19 - He has graduated from creepy to awesome.
**00:31:42 - She’s running around in a bright yellow dress, boots, bulky bag and a gun. What a catch!
00:34:37 - No one would believe her. Talk about a break from reality.**
****00:42:43 - “Not your average Duracell."
****00:47:19 **- I want a wall of white board!
**00:49:14 **- Hehehehe! “What number would you like?”
**00:54:48 - The name June doesn’t really suit her. I think April would have been better.
****00:58:12 **- What kind of plane is that? It’s super duper!
**01:01:21 - Is that a true stat about the train vs. plane? It still doesn’t change my feelings but it’s worth considering.
********01:08:56 **- Oh lord, is she trying to seduce him? Why do people envisage futures with people who turn out to be super spy assassin types?
**01:10:41 **- Is she ever actually going to do as he says?
**01:13:32 - Gah, she’s annoying. Why has she left the room?
****01:18:34 **- Running across the roofs like Tomb Raider!
**01:20:42 **- Well I don’t believe that for a minute, he’ll be fine.
**01:21:42 - Is that Shannon from LOST? Wow!
****01:30:51 - Oh, no, no, no. Not the bull run thing.
****01:34:34 - GPS tracking. There’s an app for that.
****01:38:22 **- They’re not even wearing helmets. Bad influence.
**01:40:35 **- That motorbike stunt seems highly unlikely. Although so does the entire thing!
**01:41:52 - This is like the James Bond motorbike thing. If they do the best helicopter stunt ever, I’ll be so happy!
****01:51:45 - Someday actually happened!


It wasn’t a good film, I would not go so far as to say that, but I did enjoy it. I did end up liking Tom Cruise’s character, which is something I wasn’t expecting to do at all. The stunts were silly, the story was unbelievable, but it made me laugh throughout, and as a bit of escapism, it didn’t go far wrong. Thankfully there is no room for a sequel!

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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