109. Knight and Day

Published December 31, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Knight and Day Director: James Mangold Year: 2010 Run time: 1hr 49

Background Info

The trailer sold this one to Mr C, and I wasn’t quite so sure but figured that was mostly because I’d been supremely put off the secret spy type of film by Killers.  I’m not particularly a fan of either Tom Cruise or Cameron Diaz but the trailer did seem amusing.

Live Blog

00:02:24 - He doesn’t seem bored wandering around the airport, like most people would. 00:03:11 - That must be too heavy for carry on surely. 00:04:35 - He’s creepy. 00:05:34 - He’s really creepy!** *00:08*:30** - Kansas has the best scrap. Who knew? 00:10:00 - “Someday is just code for never.” He needs himself a life list. 00:11:08 - Are flights really like that? The turbulence, I mean, not the epic fighting. 00:17:30 - I’m pretty sure he’d be able to fly that plane. He is Maverick, after all.** **00:20:00 - That’s leaving one heck of a crop circle.** **00:24:49 - She got in the vehicle, even though he told her not to. Silly girl.** **00:26:11 - “Charming one moment, homicidal the next.”** **00:28:19 - He has graduated from creepy to awesome.** **00:31:42 - She’s running around in a bright yellow dress, boots, bulky bag and a gun. What a catch! 00:34:37 - No one would believe her. Talk about a break from reality.** ******00:42:43 - “Not your average Duracell.”** ****00:47:19 **- I want a wall of white board! **00:49:14 **- Hehehehe! “What number would you like?” **00:54:48 - The name June doesn’t really suit her. I think April would have been better. ****00:58:12 **- What kind of plane is that? It’s super duper! **01:01:21 - Is that a true stat about the train vs. plane? It still doesn’t change my feelings but it’s worth considering. ********01:08:56 **- Oh lord, is she trying to seduce him? Why do people envisage futures with people who turn out to be super spy assassin types? **01:10:41 **- Is she ever actually going to do as he says? **01:13:32 - Gah, she’s annoying. Why has she left the room? ****01:18:34 **- Running across the roofs like Tomb Raider! **01:20:42 **- Well I don’t believe that for a minute, he’ll be fine. **01:21:42 - Is that Shannon from LOST? Wow! ****01:30:51 - Oh, no, no, no. Not the bull run thing. ****01:34:34 - GPS tracking. There’s an app for that. ****01:38:22 **- They’re not even wearing helmets. Bad influence. **01:40:35 **- That motorbike stunt seems highly unlikely. Although so does the entire thing! **01:41:52 - This is like the James Bond motorbike thing. If they do the best helicopter stunt ever, I’ll be so happy! ****01:51:45 - Someday actually happened! **


It wasn’t a good film, I would not go so far as to say that, but I did enjoy it. I did end up liking Tom Cruise’s character, which is something I wasn’t expecting to do at all. The stunts were silly, the story was unbelievable, but it made me laugh throughout, and as a bit of escapism, it didn’t go far wrong. Thankfully there is no room for a sequel!

Rating: 35

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