Almost Famous

Published August 6, 2020

Almost Famous

Film info

  • Title Almost Famous
  • Director Cameron Crowe
  • Year 2000
  • Run time 2hrs 2m
  • Genres Music, Drama
  • Tagline Experience it. Enjoy it. Just don't fall for it.

Rolling Stone Magazine unwittingly hires a 15-year-old aspiring journalist after reading an article he writes. Almost Famous is the hilarious and touching story of this intelligent young man's journey into the world of rock-n-roll as he tours with Stillwater, an up-and-coming band struggling with their rise to fame.

Live blog

2:04These are some slow-ass credits. Are they gonna hand-write the whole film?
4:31She’s a pretty scary mother.
5:02“Simon and Garfunkel is poetry.”
8:20Wow, she’s legit lied to her kid about how old he is?
16:47Oh, I love an assignment with a word count.
19:48Band aids is a great name for it.
23:12“It’s not about money or popularity, but some money would be nice.”
39:32“Your mother. She’s a handful.” Haha, receptionist sass.
43:35Crudup with the moustache isn’t what I’m after.
48:00I don’t trust someone that enjoys taking pictures of people sleeping so much.
53:29Is it possible to be in a band without ego or something getting in the way?
57:03“Wanna see me feed a mouse to my snake?” HELL NO.
1:02:42Elton fixes everything.
1:07:13“Don’t worry William, I’ve seen the future and it all works out reasonably well.” That is not as reassuring as she thinks.
1:09:38Love that he’s gaffa taped the do not disturb to the door. That’s genius.
1:13:16The mum is both awful and brilliant in equal measure.
1:16:07Jimmy Fallon!!
1:20:20“Everybody’s trying not to go home.” That’s music right there.
1:26:0018 minutes a page for a fax machine is PAINFUL.
1:33:40I can’t believe how prepared they are for this overdose situation.
1:36:54Peggy Sue! So inappropriate!
1:43:49He did tell him not to make friends with them.
1:46:24“Wait, I never said I’m a golden god… Or did I?”
1:53:14I did wonder why she had to look up where her own address was.
1:57:29The no more airplanes tour!


Love, love, love. After not enjoying the last music movie we watched, it was time to crack open a well-received, critic-approved journey into the seventies. I wasn’t quite expecting the vast array of moustaches and flares, but once I got used to that, it was a triumph.

Well-rounded characters with ambitions and flaws, plenty of people to root for, and emotional journeys that take you from the depths of despair to the heights of flight fear! Lots of famous faces looking young and fresh out of the box, and of course some good rock music to go along with it.

Literally my only complaint is starting everything off with the Chipmunks. Why???

Rating: 5 / 5

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