The Fox and the Child

Published December 29, 2010

The Fox and the Child

Film info

  • Title The Fox and the Child
  • Director Luc Jacquet
  • Year 2007
  • Run time 1hr 27m
  • Genres Family, Adventure
  • Tagline Le renard et l'enfant

Two worlds, which seem separated by everything, meet through an unforgettable story of friendship as a young girl and a fox form an unlikely bond and a wonderful adventure begins. Narrated by Kate Winslet this visually stunning film for the whole family will mesmerise young and old.

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I hadn’t intended to watch this, it’s not really my thing at all, but I fancied watching something that was not very intensive on the mind, and had some stunning views. I was not to be disappointed!

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00:02:03 - That is very pretty. Is this a bit like Heidi only with a fox instead of a grumpy old man? 00:03:10 - She has to cycle up a mountain to school? 00:04:21 - Why does it jump up and down like that? Perhaps it thinks it’s a kangaroo! 00:05:19 - She sees a fox once and decides to tame it! How could she know that she’d ever see it again? 00:06:44 - What is that? A smoking mushroom? 00:07**:50** - This child is just allowed to go wandering around on the mountain by herself. It seems unusual. **00:09:39** - Singing would scare the fox off, I think. **00:14:36** - That is some proper dramatic music like in an action film. Interesting. **00:16:09** - It’s quite an obsession she’s got for only having seen the fox once.** ****00:18:24 **- She has a nice round window. It’s a bit like the hobbits. **00:22:26** - It’s hard to launch a Save the Fox campaign when you are ten years old and stuck inside with a broken leg.** ****00:27:30** - Two months indoors. Sounds most excellent. **00:28:12** - The fox doesn’t know he is a fox, so he won’t answer to the name ‘fox’ will he? **00:29:42** - That is one determined little girl.** ****00:31:37** - “Why wasn’t I more careful?” Peering down the hole and shouting ‘fox’ isn’t careful?** ****00:34:42** - It’s not funny to watch a fox bullying a hedgehog.** ****00:40:49** - A bear! So many films have bears in.** ****00:44:12** - She’s quite sneaky that girl, trying to track the fox like that. **00:45:33** - Will she go over the cliff and the fox have to run for help like Lassie?** ****00:46:17** - Nope. **00:48:25** - Uh, so many frogs. I’d be worried I was going to stand on one. **00:51:18** - I like that cave, it’s like raining but indoors. **00:52:37 **- Gross! Don’t go around drinking water from caves! **00:54:39 **- Don’t her parents wonder where she is all the time? **00:59:52 **- She stayed out all night! ******01:02:39 **- Good lord, if she keeps following the fox like that, they’ll end up in another country.** ****01:05:08 **- How does she ever find her way back home again? **01:07:20 **- She’s completely crazy.** ****01:11:22 **- She is single-handedly keeping that fox family alive.** ****01:15:27 **- She just needs some friends really.** ****01:20:55 **- Considering she memorised a whole book on foxes, she doesn’t really seem to understand them. **01:24:57 **- “I’d confused possession for love."** **


Very beautiful film. Nice and slow-paced, with plenty of time to appreciate all the nature going around. About halfway through the over-dubbing started to annoy me, and the child kept doing stupid things to intervene in the foxes life, but even so, it was still quite fascinating.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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