Published July 10, 2020


Film info

  • Title Greyhound
  • Director Aaron Schneider
  • Year 2020
  • Run time 1hr 31m
  • Genres Drama, Action, War
  • Tagline The only thing more dangerous than the front lines was the fight to get there

In a thrilling WWII story inspired by actual events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international convoy of 37 ships on a treacherous mission across the Atlantic to deliver thousands of soldiers and much-needed supplies to Allied forces.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:34 I bet by the time he’s retired, Tom Hanks will have fought in all areas of the war.
6:01 No point waiting, the world isn’t getting any less crazy.
8:28 Fisticuffs!
13:35 Eeek, the waiting is the worst part.
14:59 Oh, so that’s why maths is important.
17:51 Being able to talk and listen at the same time is an impressive skill.
27:06 Amazing all these different country ships working together. Would you get that now?
32:05 So many subs!
37:53 Went a bit Titanic there! Huge boat.
40:25 I worry about the merchant ships just pootling about.
44:32 Being Captain of this ship is potentially the worst job in the world.
50:45 He’s no time to eat, he’s got a lot on his plate.
53:33 First it’s too far, then it’s too close.
1:00:26 That really is a bad afternoon.
1:04:13 “What you did yesterday got us to today.”
1:12:28 These submarines are like Jaws.
1:14:10 I’m confused by the mix of morse and radio contact.
1:15:07 “I hear you’ve had rather a rough go of it.” That’s saying something!


Loved it. I actually only had a vague idea going into this what it was about - a Tom Hanks project, about the war. I didn’t realise it was written by him too, which is actually an impressive feat considering how much naval jargon is in there.

It was so good. A great little story, told well, in a short space of time. Just like 7500, actually, a neat and satisfying package. Could maybe have done with a bit more character development, but equally I didn’t want it to end up a sprawling mess like Midway.

Some of the manoeuvres did go over my head, but you get the idea. And what really matters is the feeling. The overwhelming forces when you’re out at sea, the menacing danger of the enemy when they’re not visible. Ooh, and the eeriness of them howling on the radio. Oof.

Really enjoyed this, if that’s the right word for it.

Rating: 5 / 5

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