Published July 5, 2020


Film info

  • Title 7500
  • Director Patrick Vollrath
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 33m
  • Genres Thriller, Drama
  • Tagline The distress code is only the beginning

When terrorists try to seize control of a Berlin-Paris flight, a soft-spoken young American co-pilot struggles to save the lives of the passengers and crew while forging a surprising connection with one of the hijackers.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:20 Nice quiet start to the movie. Suspicious.
4:44 A clipboard is something I love but have never had a use for.
6:33 That’s the walkaround: “Nice plane, two wings, two engines.”
14:05 Interesting to see inside the cockpit and the safety measures. Video to see who wants to come in, etc.
21:46 Got to feel quite sorry for the guy on the radio who is getting NO ANSWERS.
22:36 “I have control of the airplane but I need a minute.” Or in other words. SHUT UP.
28:24 Appreciate his efforts and panic but surely you can’t keep someone alive with CPR and also land a plane. All with one hand.
30:43 Interesting that you don’t become Captain, just Pilot. Technically he was always the pilot.
38:26 No relationships in the workplace.
39:58 Do they teach hostage negotiation at pilot school?
46:33 I am very impressed by the strength of the doors.
53:07 It’s the Pull Up voice from Krypton Factor,
59:52 “You have to tell me better.” It’s hard learning to fly a plane in these conditions.
1:05:18 Confused how the terrorist thinks he still has a plan at this point.
1:13:53 Oh-kay, he’s realised he doesn’t have a plan.
1:17:45 You can OPEN the window? What about if you were up in the air?
1:20:56 Loving trying to piece together the German. Not a clue.


This was a surprise, it was really good. I don’t know if I was expecting much as I’d never even heard of it before it popped up on Prime, but it delivered in spades.

It starts off quiet and unassuming and gradually the tension rises until the hijackers leap into action and then the drama starts. There are some clever tricks to really make you feel the pressure: pretty much the whole thing takes place in the cockpit, so you’ve got that confined claustrophobic feeling, and then a lot of the dialogue is in German which JGL’s character wouldn’t understand so we don’t either.

It was somehow predictable but also not, and felt like a really tight, good story, told well in the 90 minute timeframe. Great stuff.

Rating: 5 / 5

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