Ride Like a Girl

Published June 27, 2020

Ride Like a Girl

Film info

  • Title Ride Like a Girl
  • Director Rachel Griffiths
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 38m
  • Genre Drama
  • Tagline Never give up

Michelle Payne was always warned she could never be a world class jockey. She was not tough enough. She was not a man. But as the youngest daughter of a mad-cap family of jockeys, Michelle fights for every opportunity to ride hard and race fast. Shunned by the male racing establishment, it's Michelle's father Paddy and her family who champion her ambition, despite early failures, broken bones, and a tragic family death on the racecourse. Maverick trainer Darren Weir also sees Michell's unmistakeable talent, intelligence, true grit and most of all, indomitable spirit; and it's under his watchful eye that Michelle gets a shot at the 2015 Melbourne Cup, the greatest, toughest race on earth.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:35 Love the ident with the typewriter man.
3:37 Weird start to a film, though. I thought I was watching a documentary for a second there.
6:47 The amount of food you’d need to feed ten kids is making my mind fizz a bit.
9:07 “I’m going to dig up mum.”
13:09 Gaffa tape fixes everything, we know, including swollen ankles apparently.
22:35 It always looks like such an uncomfortable position when they’re not going flat out. Knees so high.
30:28 You gotta have some balls to just open a door and be like ‘hi, I’m ready’.
33:29 Much of this character’s journey so far has been stomping around in a rage.
34:58 What’s the word for kidnapping a horse? Horsenapping?
42:37 The whole weight part of riding horses is not good.
46:10 3kg in two days. Insane.
56:32 Whenever I recognise anyone, I’m thinking it can only be from Home and Away.
1:01:16 God, I’m too much of a scaredy cat to even consider this sport.
1:07:30 The stewards enquiry? Oof.
1:11:16 Dingbat.
1:12:16 “Stewards and doctors, they know stuff all.”
1:18:52 Are nuns allowed to bet?
1:24:58 The actual racing is awful, if you could just tell me who won at the end.
1:31:08 Is that the trophy? It’s tiny for what is apparently such a big deal race!


This film gets off to a really bad start. We try not to but find ourselves judging movies by their idents (bit like books and covers) and there were a lot. And then there was about five minutes of documentary footage which made me feel like I’d bought the wrong thing.

When the movie part actually gets going, it’s good - I mean, I don’t care about horses and dislike horse-racing as a concept - but the family drama, the sporting drama, the relationship dramas, and the gentle humour throughout all make it very watchable.

And it’s hard not to get invested, despite the absolute madness of someone breaking all those parts of their body and still getting up to fight for more. I still desperately wanted this woman to achieve when so many people told her she couldn’t.

And we have to mention Stevie Payne, who played himself in the movie, and was by far the best thing in it - even more so than Sam Neill who I love.

So, to sum up, it was both a terrible movie and a brilliant one in equal measure and therefore I recommend it!

Rating: 5 / 5

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