Military Wives

Published March 27, 2020

Military Wives

Film info

  • Title Military Wives
  • Director Peter Cattaneo
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 53m
  • Genre Drama
  • Tagline United they sing

Inspired by real events and from the director of The Full Monty, Military Wives is the heartfelt story of friendship, love, and support on the home front. When Kate persuades a disparate group of women on the base to form the Military Wives Choir, Lisa is initially sceptical and embarrassed by such an amateur bunch. However, she is quickly transformed by the choir's friendship, humour, and courage. Finding their voice together, Kate, Lisa and the choir put aside their own personal differences and, by singing their hearts out, bring joy, hope and strength to the world.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:38 Who knew being a wife also meant a promotion?
8:26 “You better write to me. And I mean proper letters, not just emails.” I don’t know if I’d remember how!
13:33 Love Sharon so much.
13:48 Is there a reason this room is so smokey, when no-one is smoking?
17:06 Knitting and wine makes for a good party clean-up.
20:45 I LOVE purple but it’ll be a mistake to paint your wall that colour.
26:00 “No, this isn’t an audition, I’m just determining your vocal range.”
28:31 Yep, it needs to be relevant. Not just numbers.
35:08 Only You! The greatest song ever.
43:24 Who knew you just needed a railway tunnel for the acoustics?
47:28 I love the ones where enthusiasm > talent.
53:11 “Do you want to give up or do you want to work harder so that we kill it?”
1:04:26 “I’ve always said you should be paid for what you do.” ALL WOMEN. But yea, these especially.
1:09:33 What is up with the gun salute? Isn’t that what caused all this problem in the first place?
1:12:43 Rocky!!
1:19:52 “We’ll rehearse it on the bus.” All great performances start like that.
1:21:52 Oh wow. WOMEN can be awful too.
1:21:59 I don’t know how this film is going to end but I would legit never forgive anyone who said that to me.
1:30:00 Eek, the Albert Hall!
1:33:35 That’s not air, that’s alcohol.
1:36:21 You would not have thought Rocky was required viewing for this movie.
1:46:41 Like, I knew I’d be crying and it’s still a tsunami.


Lovely film. Tears almost from the start! Sharon Horgan is a hero and does a great job but she has to play off the well-meaning uptightness of Kristin Sco-Tho, who is fabulous.

It’s a great way of showing the side of the story for those left behind, but also that there’s a great bond of friendship for people thrust together in unusual circumstances. Funny moments, sad moments, breakthroughs, arguments, tantrums and ultimately an inspirational performance. Perfect.

Rating: 5 / 5

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