The Banker

Published March 26, 2020

The Banker

Film info

  • Title The Banker
  • Director George Nolfi
  • Year 2020
  • Run time 2hrs
  • Genre Drama
  • Tagline Don't pay the man. Be the man

In the 1960s, two entrepreneurs (Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson), hatch an ingenious business plan to fight for housing integration - and equal access to the American Dream. Nicholas Hoult and Nia Long co-star in this drama inspired by true events.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:15 I mean, good intentions or whatever, but it legit is spying.
5:28 “You marry a millionaire, Eunice?” Homeowning is expensive.
7:06 “That’s what they call a shed when it’s in the woods.”
10:17 A triple at 4pm is a bit much.
14:54 Yay! Never happens in real life but hooray for getting a chance.
18:22 Haha, Samuel L is so good.
19:47 “Your money’s green, that’s the only concern about colour I got.”
28:43 I’m liking his lightbulb face. IDEA.
30:31 “That’s very audacious.” Great word.
35:24 What golf course opens at 6am?
40:13 The sound of a well-struck golf ball is good.
44:23 “You think I got where I am in life without being able to spot talent?” I like that.
48:27 The lights! Always a giveaway.
51:38 That’s a bloody impressive performance.
59:05 “I’m pretty sure there’s a few complexities you just left out.”
1:08:55 I mean, it is a change from marrying into a life in LA… suddenly to be in Texas.
1:14:39 Firstly, how is this guy suddenly so smart? And secondly, when peeps get greedy, it all goes wrong.
1:18:57 “And a man.” YAS.
1:25:52 I don’t understand how it helps them being there, they can’t whisper in his ear.
1:26:19 Oh, they can!
1:32:11 Sub-prime! Been going on for so long.
1:38:33 God that went south so quickly.
1:43:38 How do some people sleep at night, honestly.
1:54:42 From prison to the Bahamas is a change.


This was a really good film, great cast, with Samuel L Jackson stealing the show at every opportunity. He’s the backbone of a movie that does a great job at explaining the maths behind it whilst also being entertaining and moving - the inequality on display is just the worst.

It’s a little bit slick in places, when I’m assuming the true story wasn’t quite so much. And I think Nicholas Hoult’s character was inconsistent at times - at first he didn’t even know what maths was and then he was confident enough to buy a bank. Although, of course, it didn’t all work out.

But small complaints for a great way to spend two hours.

Rating: 5 / 5

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