Butterfly on a Wheel

Published December 27, 2010

Butterfly on a Wheel

Film info

  • Title Butterfly on a Wheel
  • Director Mike Barker
  • Year 2007
  • Run time 1hr 27m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Thriller
  • Tagline Lives will be broken

Yuppie couple Neil and Abby Warner live a seemingly idyllic family life with young daughter Sophie. When Sophie is kidnapped by sadistic criminal Tom Ryan, their carefully constructed American Dream comes crashing down around them. At first, Tom demands money as ransom, but, as the ordeal wears on, his demands become more personal and more terrifying. How far will the Warners go to save their family?

Background Info

Another iPlayer movie, and this one was really sold to me by the fact that it had Gerard Butler in it. I’ve liked every film I’ve seen him in so far, so it didn’t take much convincing to tune in to this one.

Live Blog

Time Comment
****00:02:10 - I sort of think if I heard a noise in the night, I would lock myself in the bathroom until it went away.
00:04:34 - “Just leave your platinum card.” That’s quite the husband.
00:06:04 - Pierce is the bad guy. Interesting.
00:09:00 - He winked at the secretary. Hmm.
00:11:17 - She wasn’t kidding.
00:12**:03** - You’d let someone you never met or saw before look after your kids? Not even asking for ID or anything?
00:15:12 - So, the question is, what can they possibly have done to upset him?
00:16:43 - Pierce has an Irish accent. That’s not very James Bond.
00:19:44 - Hehe, their car beeps when the door is open.
00:20:31 - The wife has nice hair.
**00:25:35 **- It’s like an episode of Hustle.
00:27:41 - Or, less Hustle, more Cash in the Attic.**
**00:29:05 - These all seem like easy tasks, so are they being set up for something?
00:31:15 - He has a kid too!**
**00:33:54 - That is a very white office. I’m amazed that the receptionist can work without sunglasses.
00:35:19 - Oooh, twisted. I like it. Pitting them against each other.**
00:39:17 - He’s got a bit of a temper. But we knew that from Law Abiding Citizen.
00:45:03 - Shoulda had the hotel door on the chain.
00:49:02 - It’s not even a very nice dress.
**00:51:41 - Blimey he can run.
00:53:36 - I still don’t know what “hit the big time” meant. Oh well. (Wait, I just got it now I’m typing it up.)**
**00:56:49 - The subtitles say WEEPS IN DEFEAT. Awwww.
00:59:08 - The Scotch in the face! Pierce really had it all planned out.
**01:05:06 **- “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my family” is an easy thing to say.
**01:07:52 **- Was that the secretary?
**01:09:09 **- Is it maybe his wife?
01:10:24 - YES!! I never get this stuff right.
01:13:26 - I don’t believe he would really do that.
**01:17:20 **- They’ve already established they don’t trust each other, he may as well tell her.
**01:21:24 **- Her hair doesn’t look so good now.
**01:22:29 - Ohhhh, I didn’t see that bit coming. Darn it.


For the first half of the film, I was not convinced. Pierce wasn’t scary enough to be a bad guy, and I wasn’t 100% convinced about the situation. It got a bit better as the twists and turns started, and by the end I was intrigued. As you can see, I guessed the first twist about half a second before it happened but I didn’t get the last one. I do like films that are not quite what they seem, but this one just dragged on slightly. I can’t decide whether the payoff was worth the rest of it, so I’m going to sit on the fence for now.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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