The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Published March 17, 2020

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Film info

  • Title The Truth About Cats and Dogs
  • Director Michael Lehmann
  • Year 1996
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Brian's about to discover the woman he loves isn't the woman he loves

Charming and bittersweet, this modern-day romantic comedy explores the beguiling perils of mistaken identity. Abby, a savvy, witty veterinarian who hosts her own radio talk show, is anything but confident when it comes to love. A petite brunette, she describes herself as tall and blonde when Brian, a caller who is smitten with her radio persona, asks her on a date. She then talks her tall, blonde neighbour Noelle into assuming her identity, setting off an escalating series of hilarious and romantic crises.

Live blog

2:09Love Janeane!
3:59“He’s a fur person.”
7:25Is that an actual dog on roller skates??
10:50“His mouth is all juicy like his gum sprung a leak.”
14:58She’s brave. Scary neighbour.
16:25I know there are differences in how we speak but how could it be pronounced Hunday?
19:27I love how she just goes along with it no questions asked. You be me. OK!
21:56Trepidatious is an excellent word
25:44I’ve realised why I like this film so much. I am this woman.
27:03“I’ve never met a cheesemaker before.”
30:58“She is all that and a bag of chips.”
33:17Where is that ferry going, four miles off the coast of Scotland?
38:12I can’t think of anything worse than a bath whilst on the phone.
39:55His phone bill is going to be enormous.
43:56The banana in the pocket is the cutest thing.
45:14Four in the morning is not breakfast time.
57:48“He gave us a book.”
1:06:28I could really do with a big comfy chair and a book right now.
1:10:22They walking on the sand in their shoes though, so much sand.
1:12:09“Do you always watch sunsets with your eyes shut?”
1:18:43The violin is great but who wants to wake up to it?
1:29:57“The humiliation was just a bonus.”


I remembered watching this a long time ago and liking it, so I thought we could give it another go (although my other attempts at watching films I liked from my youth has not gone well so far). This one didn’t let me down too much, although it was frustrating to see the obviously pretty Garofalo doubting herself quite so much.

It’s a bit of a rollercoaster of a film because I’ll go from hating a situation, to inevitably laughing, to thinking they’re brilliant, to then hating them all again. And really, there was too much dog and not enough cat throughout the whole thing. Entertaining enough but certainly not worth waiting for.

Rating: 3 / 5

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