D3: The Mighty Ducks

Published February 23, 2020

D3: The Mighty Ducks

Film info

  • Title D3: The Mighty Ducks
  • Director Robert Lieberman
  • Year 1996
  • Run time 1hr 43m
  • Genres Family, Drama, Comedy, Action
  • Tagline No fear, no limits, no brakes, just Ducks

After the Ducks win scholarships to a snooty private school, Coach Bombay (Emilio Estevez) announces that he's moving on to greener pastures with the Goodwill Games. Shortly after the team arrives at Eden Hall Academy, they inherit a new coach who turns out to be their worst nightmare when he strips Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson) of his position as captain! Then, with their scholarship on the line, they face their toughest rival - the 10-time championship variety team!

Live blog

Time Comment
1:41 Liking this little “previously on Mighty Ducks” thing.
3:12 At this point, Joshua Jackson properly looks and sounds like Pacey and that’s just gonna be confusing.
8:31 Goldberg is funny. Clever chase sequence too.
11:12 That’s the complete opposite of sneaking in the back.
13:24 “We better be careful or we might learn something here.”
19:15 It never really did make sense that the awesome girl wasn’t in goal all the time.
22:11 Why are all the people from the first film back again, what happened in D2?
24:51 Inappropriate time to break the fourth wall.
25:43 I hate manure!
29:22 “Don’t be careless but don’t be too careful either. You can’t be afraid to lose.”
30:31 Aww, cute conversations on the bench. And now I want to watch Dawson’s Creek.
36:17 Trash talk lessons are fun.
43:25 Right, sorry, where is Emilio? He’s first billed in this movie.
46:07 I don’t understand what’s going on with Adam. Why is he with the Varsity dudes?
54:37 Why would they ever think this was a good idea? They’re twice the size and obviously a couple of years better.
1:04:50 If Gordon doesn’t come back now, what’s the point. I feel like I’ve been mis-sold PPI.
1:06:55 I mean, there’s coming back and then there’s coming back and sitting in someone’s room while they’re sleeping.
1:13:19 AND GIRLS.
1:23:41 Ah, I forgot that with the return of Gordon, the quacking would come back.
1:30:27 That kid literally switched off acting and went over to a sponsor. A real life Mighty Duck. Jesus.
1:32:38 Do they not have to stop the game for an hour while they put the barrier back in place?


What a terrible film! And what an awful way to wrap up the trilogy. It goes downhill straight away when Estevez appears and just as quickly disappears for almost all the rest of the movie. How is he first billed when he’s barely in it? And without him, it’s sort of hard to care about the rest.

Joshua Jackson has apparently later admitted he didn’t really want to do this film, had moved on from the Ducks, and it feels like everyone else should have as well.

Rating: 1 / 5

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