D2: The Mighty Ducks

Published February 16, 2020

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Film info

  • Title D2: The Mighty Ducks
  • Director Sam Weisman
  • Year 1994
  • Run time 1hr 46m
  • Genres Family, Drama, Comedy, Action
  • Tagline The puck stops here!

The Mighty Ducks are thrilled to be chosen to compete in the Junior Goodwill Games as Team USA. They'll be facing off against the best teams from all over the world - including the meanest team that ever sliced up the ice! Are they out of their league? Has Coach Bombay (Emilio Estevez) let the big time go to his head, forgetting that it's just a game? But when a street hockey gang teaches the Ducks to get tough, the Coach remembers how to have fun... and the Ducks show the world the true meaning of Duck Power!

Live blog

Time Comment
3:19 You get smacked into, injured, and worse than that, fall like a sack of potatoes onto hard ice. Hockey is brutal.
5:24 Strudelhead!
6:19 How convenient, Han’s brother Jan who wasn’t in the last film. I don’t mind though. Everyone needs a Han and/or Jan in their life.
9:43 Okay, so the duck whistle is ridiculous.
11:57 All these kids just abandoning their jobs!
19:18 I would think learning how to stop would be one of the first lessons.
21:55 You can’t take a zamboni for a joyride.
36:09 They’ve made them into the traditional European bad guys, like in Pitch Perfect 2.
39:18 Big mistake. Huge.
42:43 “Greenland is covered in ice, Iceland is very nice.”
50:57 This Tibbles guy is the actual worst.
52:47 Coach Gordon is the actual worst as well. Boooo.
59:06 Loving that Kenan has basically saved the day.
1:02:57 I love the fake coach. “CHANGE IT UP.”
1:06:48 I’ve never seen two people on the same treadmill before, I don’t like it.
1:12:24 Not sure the Iceland people get the concept of “goodwill” games.
1:14:47 “You owe me a beachball,” is some pretty rubbish trash talk.
1:26:44 Pretty sure lassooing is not in the rulebook.
1:29:43 I don’t think you can change your uniform mid-game… can you?
1:30:53 We Will Quack You? NO.
1:35:40 Penalty shootout? ARGH!
1:40:51 “Good work, Captain Duck.” I mean…


I’m not sure this sequel lives up to its predecessor but it was fun enough to watch. It seemed to be more of a kids film than the first, which maybe had a few more levels. Here, we had quite long sequences of kids skating down the road causing chaos, and far too much quacking - either via duck whistle or in the middle of chants.

There were some quite obvious signposts of things - oh, that weird conversation Coach has with the goalkeeper, she’s bound to get her chance… at the end… in the penalty shootout… when it really matters. And I’m not sure I was keen on the Han/Jan switch in the end.

Still gonna watch the third one, but I’m lowering my expectations at this point.

Rating: 2 / 5

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