Published July 8, 2009


Film info

  • Title Ghostbusters
  • Director Ivan Reitman
  • Year 1984
  • Run time 1hr 45m
  • Genres Comedy, Fantasy
  • Tagline They ain't afraid of no ghost

A trio of university parasychologists lose their research grant and decide to open their own business, Ghostbusters, and almost at once are summoned to investigate the strange happenings in a Central Park West apartment. What they discover is that all Manhattan is being besieged by other worldly demons.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:30  I wish my books would reorganise themselves.
3:45  Is this why people in the 80s had such big hair? Electric shock therapy?
6:59  How come I’ve never been in a library like that? It’s so big and spacious and old. All the libraries I know are like portacabins.
10:26  Bill Murray is awesome.
13:53  I find it odd that their funding would be stopped with no notice.
20:10  Wow. In my fridge, there is just cheese.
21:30  Did he just say “print is dead”? That’s incredible!
24:51  Well, there you go. I noticed that she had some Stay Puft marshmallows, and it blew Mr C’s mind.
29:37  Ah, this makes sense. We saw a car decked out like that at Goodwood Festival of Speed, and was tasked to take a picture. I didn’t know why at the time!
33:00  Slimer!
40:13  Where are they getting all their nuclear power from, because BTTF had to rob some Libyans for the plutonium and stuff.
45:48  Ooh, another film with the EPA. No Google required this time.
1:00:11  Does that receptionist not have a home to go to?
1:04:45  So, here are my current questions: 1 - why does the alien ghost thing look like a gremlin? w - how did the keymaster and gatekeeper lose each other? 3 - when is Stay Puft in it?
1:07:02  What kind of insult is pencilneck?
1:17:04  Dogs and cats living together, a disaster of biblical proportions. I like it.
1:19:06  Uh oh, it’s all gone a little bit eighties. Bad hair, bad choice of song…
1:21:02  I’m sure I saw an earthquake like this in Superman once. He just spun round really fast backwards.
1:24:44  Is Stay Puft even in this film? We want Stay Puft!
1:31:20  Yes! There he is. I want one.
1:34:55  I am torn between intrigue over the idea of the entire street covered in marshmallow, and disgust at being covered in goo.


I must preface this live blog with the admission that a) I did not watch it alone, therefore I may not have made as many notes as I normally would and b) I had drunk a little bit of wine, therefore any notes I did make may be completely pointless.

It turns out everyone was right. You all said it was a great film and it is. I laughed a lot at the end. I don’t know how much of that was the wine, but I would have enjoyed it sober as well. I am bitterly disappointed at the lack of Slimer, I thought he was in it more. (Also secretly glad because shudder more goo.)

Rating: 5 / 5

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