I’ll name that tune in one

I’ve been rallying for more music television content since they took Top of the Pops off the air, and the BBC have delivered somewhat in the form of Sounds Like Friday Night (half an hour isn’t really long enough for that kind of show, but I’ll take anything at the moment). Now I think we’ve got time and space on TV for the return of music quizzing as well, and that brought to mind Name That Tune.

I was vaguely aware of the concept of this show, and somehow “I’ll name that tune in…” was one of those things my family say all the time without me really knowing what it related to. I was super keen to see highlights of this show on YouTube.

Lionel Blair seems to me to be the kind of host that absolutely didn’t want to be there and was just banking the cheque and hoping for more. Peter, the contestant, though, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music that is almost scary!

This show was on in the 1970s and 80s, and then was resurrected in the 90s with Jools Holland. This is much more what I want to see back on our screens.

I reckon we could do with Name That Tune back, and if you combined that with a full half hour of the Intros round from Never Mind the Buzzcocks, then I’m all set.

Taking the 8 Plus for a walk

I’ve needed a new phone for a while, and was umming and ahhing about what specific iPhone to go for. In the end, I went for the 8 Plus and now I wish I had shut up and bought it sooner because the dual-lens camera is totally incredible. I’m not a natural photographer, but every single photo I’ve taken this past week or so is the best photo I’ve ever taken, thanks to the camera. The colours are gorgeous, the focus crisp, and portrait mode is something else entirely. Now I want to take more photos of everything, everywhere all the time, and I think that is worth every penny.

Taking the 8 Plus for a walk.

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So, having read Les Miserables and followed it up with World Without End, two of the longest books on the planet, I suddenly realised how many books I have sitting on my Kindle waiting to be devoured. I think I’m going to have to pick some of the shorter ones and start ploughing through. Expect more than a few Casual Reader updates over the next while.¬†Whilst on that subject, it was brought to my attention a couple of times recently that Casual Reader can’t be casual at the frequency I’m posting reviews. But I like to think it is casual as in “not an expert” rather than “not very often.”